Countdown has started at İzmir International Fair

countdown started at izmir international fair
countdown started at izmir international fair

Izmir International Municipality will host the Izmir International Fair between 6 and 15 September. This year 88. countdown started at İzmir International Fair which was prepared to open its doors.

88 year tradition of Izmir, Turkey's different sectors and countries, bringing together the first and only public trade fair Izmir International Fair gates of 88. times preparing to open. As every year, this year, the various events, different countries, companies and sectors will take place in the stands will take place in the preparations for the Izmir Fair. The halls where the stands will be exhibited, the “streets özel specific to the Fair, and the event areas, especially the Grass Concerts Stage, are organized. The feverish work carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and IZFAS employees will be attended by Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer and Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu together.

“City street yerinde usual place

Within the scope of preparations made, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will take place in the stand of the municipal street next to the halls as in every year. In addition to explaining the activities of the Metropolitan Municipality, the various activities that promote İzmir will be exhibited and the street of the municipality will be the center of attention of the visitors.

Metro simulation

In the subway simulation, the tiny visitors coming to the municipal street can feel themselves as subway drivers with the simulation device. Surprising prizes are waiting for the tiny visitors who can safely approach the stations through the tunnels.

Sportive ability measurement area

8-10 aged children will be able to learn what kind of sports their children can become more talented with the help of experts and fun tests and measurements.

Firefighting simulation

The firefighting simulation offers visitors to the municipal street the chance to try to save the lives or endangered areas from the fire. The presentation of the game will be given surprise gifts to extinguish the fire.

Gardening area

The subtleties of plant breeding, the beauty of different species together, the nature of human beings and what nature can add to human beings are presented to the visitors in the field.

I'm visiting Izmir

In the area called iy I'm visiting Izmir ziyaretçiler, visitors can look around by wearing special glasses and find themselves at a completely different point in İzmir without moving.

360 rating Izmir

360 Degrees Izmir app invites the visitors of the municipal street to a mysterious journey. It offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through many beautiful spots from the Bostanlı Skate Park to Bergama Kozak Plateau, from the Sığacık Castle to the Pagos Local Producer Market without moving from their location.


The mock-up design area makes visitors feel that they are on the historic Pergamon Ferry or the night owl ride. Visitors will enjoy watching the coasts of Izmir over the sea from the stereoscopic glasses on the model.

Souvenir of Izmir photo

In this area, the visitors will first select the landscape photo they want from the screen, then they will pose in front of the green area. Photographs taken in the most beautiful scenery of Izmir will be presented to visitors as a souvenir of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Atatürk side by side photo

In this area, visitors first choose the Atatürk photograph they prefer from the screen and then pose in front of the green area. Visitors were taken together with the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the photo cards of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 88. The IEF will take them home as a souvenir.

BISIM area

Bike-loving visitors can enjoy the feeling of strolling through the most beautiful cycling trails of Izmir with VR goggles while pedaling in the BISIM area set up at the stand.

9 September stand

Photographs compiled from the days spent by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Izmir will meet with visitors through a large digital book set up in the area. By turning the pages of the digital book, visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a journey towards those special occasions.

Culture scene

Mini concerts, dance performances and speeches will be organized on the cultural stage to be established at the stand of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.


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