Minister of Transport Arslan Tülomsaş Visited

Transport Minister Leo Tulomsas Visits: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry A.Ş. of (TÜLOMSAŞ) touring, "High Speed ​​Train both national as domestic'll make ourselves personally and in our country we will not be content. We will export to our geography from all over the world. Ül

Introduction of the nationally produced TLM6V185 Diesel Engine 19 February 2017 was introduced on Sunday with a program organized at the TÜLOMSAŞ Engine Factory. The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet ARSLAN and many guests attended the program. The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet ARSLAN made a speech.

Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) does not stop our factory. "Said Minister Arslan, he said:

T TULOMSAS, which is really developing and accelerating, is developing itself very quickly. We do very important work.

We will do our own high speed train both nationally and locally. We will export to our geography from all over the world. Ül

Acak TÜLOMSAŞ will make 16 YHT local and national AŞ

Orum TÜLOMSAŞ says, 'I'm not satisfied with that either. I become a motor engineer in the railway sector. New 96 while the YHT set to arrive in our country, especially the technology industry cooperation within the scope of the program and YHT 's Turkey' We also put our specifications relating to the making. We will get the first 20 from outside, then gradually TÜLOMSAŞ will take part in production and 16 will make the last 100 by itself. TÜLOMSAŞ has done many locomotives so far. We have exported to many countries not satisfied with the use of railroads in our country. Ül

”3 has reached a capacity to produce 1 engines per day“

Referring to TÜLOMSAŞ's new diesel engine, the Minister ARSLAN said, ett Especially TÜLOMSAŞ produced a new diesel engine. 850 has produced horsepower completely national and domestic. Today you see the prototype. But not only that, but the final tests are over. It will no longer be available. The important thing was to achieve a first. After this first one succeeds, this will continue. With the 6 cylinder, this improved engine is now available and is now available. This diesel engine with 6 cylinders of approx. 700 kW has successfully passed all tests and is at the delivery stage. The commercialization of the engine is as important as its production. We will commercialize so that it becomes sustainable. From now on, we can now use the sector. TÜLOMSAŞ has now become able to produce it in series. 1 a week when we provide orders, a little more order density when the 3 1 engine to produce a capacity to come in the day, '' he said.

Minister Arslan, after the speech, which is Turkey's first domestic automakers 'Revolution' and posed for a souvenir photo.

N TLM85V16 type 185 cylinder diesel engine with a localized airborne ratio exceeding% 16 ”

· It is the first national engine of our country as a power and feature.

· Will be able to meet the small engine concept which is heavily asked in the kons Maritime Days olarak event.

· It will be used in railway maneuvering locomotives,

· It will create synergy for defense industry projects like tank engine.

· Can be used as generator set in energy sector,

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