Devotee's subway entrusted to women

The metro station of the island is also entrusted to women: the women's homes in Adana Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System carry thousands of people a day with confidence.

In Adana, the 10 women sit in the seat of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System (Adana Metro) where an average of 4 million people are transported annually. 80 kilometers per hour, 81 meter length, 123 tons of weight in the women working in the string of women, carrying the Adbanlari safely.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which provides employment to 120 female drivers in the city buses, has been crowned women in the Light Rail System. Icon Ozkan, Gülten Kaya, Nazlı Baştuğ and Gülşah Çinçin, sitting in the seat of Vatman, added elegance to the railroads. President Hüseyin Sözlü, who expressed her opinion that it is very important for women to reach equal opportunities with her husband in all fields of life, also revealed positive discrimination in favor of women in 32 personality race.

In the 13.5-06.00 23.00-13 XNUMX station, which provides public transportation services at the XNUMX station on the big trams women dominate the giant trams, this job is both exhausting and not easy because it requires attention. At the most stops, the citizens who are paying close attention to the risk of getting stuck are checking the tram with the steering wheel with the joystick. Pushing the lever forward, the tram stop, pulling back and pull back, patiently answering questions of curious citizens on this issue, while gathering sympathy with their smiling behavior.



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