20 Percent of Subway is Used in Ankara

20% of Metro is Used in Ankara: Transportation problems in the urbanization of the capital have not been on the agenda for half a century. Transportation Planner Erhan Oncu evaluated the city's nervous system due to its result. He detected too wide veins, veins doomed to remain blocked.

Transportation problems in the capital's urbanization have not been on the agenda for half a century. Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü has evaluated the city's nervous system due to its result. Too large vessels have been identified as doomed veins teşhis

Milliyet Ankara Author Ali Inandim reported; Transport lines, the city's nervous system can say. The function of arteries in the body sees public transport in a city. The more healthy the artery, the more functioning and living a city is formed.

An expanding narrowing, an inadequate flow from time to time, people who can not pump people into the city, of course, negatively affect the life of the city. Architect, City High Planner and Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü teacher in Ankara, we took an x-ray. What is dying and getting alive, 60 running for years.

Ali İnandım- Erhan, first of all, is there any transportation plan or concept that Ankara applies?

Erhan Öncü- Ankara's concept of transportation plan is new. Before the city plan is done, the roads are shown, the plan was it. Road, pedestrian, pedestrian crossings, bridges, intersections, rail systems are all observed. The priority in traffic, the concepts discussed recently. It used to be just the road. On behalf of the Transportation Master Plan, you are thinking about the long-term problems of the city. We have a problem today; there is no point in looking ahead without solving the present. First of all, we have to get out of the pit by determining a modern transportation policy. In the middle of the road shows a policy of tree, bush even put. If you cannot see the opposite side of the road or the opposite sidewalk, the boulevard will be collapsed. For instance, Atatürk Boulevard is not a spacious boulevard, it is not a living space. Transition area and In the past, it was also a social space where beautiful clothes were worn. Some places have 30 inches pavement but the road is 30 meters. This is not written somewhere but is indicative of a policy; throwing people in front of the car is a sign of a policy that puts people in the second plan. There is a Ankara for the stone. Seniors, children's cars, disabled people, healthy people are even on these roads. If you design for the vehicle more vehicles come, if you design for pedestrians use the pedestrian more city. City cars, but not pedestrians. Or If you start the day with so much traffic gir, the sentence starts wrong. In 1994 there is a 'Transportation Master Plan 2015', which is approved and will form the backbone of the rail system, but most of them are unapplied, a failure.

Is this plan the beginning of rail systems?

- The first study to address the subway in Ankara was launched in 1969, and was completed in 1972 as 'Ankara City Transportation Study' but it has not been implemented. It is the first planning work of the heavy rail system in Ankara. The 1978-80-25 heavy rail public transport recommendation, which is the most common ground for 1984-3030, was rejected because it was not based on a transportation master plan. In 1985, the duties and responsibilities of metropolitan municipalities in the area of ​​transportation are determined by the Law No. 1987 and the subsequent regulations. The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of EGO prepare the ları Ankara Urban Transport Master Plan and Rail Collectibility Feasibility Study l between 2015-1989 years. This study, which aims at the year of 1990, uses the data of the daha Ankara Structural Plan Yap previously carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and METU City and Regional Planning Working Group. In this study, as well as the rail system suggestions, public transport priority route suggestions have been made. Because of the traffic problems that private automobiles will create at the center, suggestions have been developed to direct the cars to the car parks outside the center with the priority of the buses. However, this plan cannot be implemented. 'Ankaray- Ankara Light Rail Transport System Transportation Study' is prepared between 1992-1994. The Transportation Master Plan prepared between 1994-100 is finally approved in 25. However, there was no nail on the public transportation lines of Kızılay-Dikmen, Dikmen-Sokullu, Söğütözü-140.Yıl, Dikimevi-Önder, Dikimevi-Doğukent, Etlik-Tandoğan. Many bus routes in the plan have not yet been implemented. The new Esenboğa line, which is not included in the plan, came to mind, the Ministry started work. So in fact we have lost 287 years in 2015 years according to the latest updates so this is not done rail systems. XNUMX year is planned bus routes. However, in the latest XNUMX they must have been opened all these lines. The Metropolitan Municipality and Gazi University prepared a transportation master plan. Not yet announced and disapproved, we are waiting.


- There are many highway-wide roads, sunk-printouts, high-rise intersections, and what we don't know is that there is a congested traffic?

- Automobile ownership is more likely to exist in cities around the world but less than traffic jams. This is not because there are more paths, but because there is limited access to places where there is intensity. Then cars that can't get anywhere; they train the car, so they don't hurt the city. We have to teach and train the car and its owners. We, by contrast, encourage them, on the contrary.

Sir Hugh Casson, who worked on transportation, has a saying: Cass Cars are like pigeons. You can't feed them by giving way and parking. The more you increase, the more you can not feed. On top of it to the city; pollute the air and the environment. You can never satisfy new parking lots and the need for new roads Yeni. As Ankara is blocking the road, we make more roads and more cars go on those roads. If you build income and traffic clogs, this is the general principle of transport. The 9 university in the world is working on the subject, all of which are reaching the same conclusion; traffic is reduced when the road closes. By definition, this is called 'evaporation of traffic'.


- We suffer from pedestrians; 500 meter, 1 can not cross over the mileage.

- On some roads, the speed limit went from 50 to 82, the municipality said,, 90 is on the kilometer. Den Unlike in cities such as Paris, Stockholm, the 30 downloaded speed limit. Transportation experts knew that the road to Eskişehir could not be solved by accelerating and accelerating; Could not be resolved. The higher the speed, the more clogging, the waiting. Accidents increase, death increases, damage increases. The West saw it, doing the opposite. The road expansions to increase the entry of the car into the city center, the acceleration of traffic, the backdrop of intersections, the opposite of providing uninterrupted traffic, has been proven with all scientific data. The road is paid for public transport by the parcel, the parking lot being paid there by the owner of the car. It provides more comfortable public transportation services, vehicles are deliberately held in red light, road is narrowed, traffic is reduced with stick-carrot policy. Here stick to busy traffic, carrots, comfortable public transport. The accident is running out, the need for parking is declining, waste of time, fuel consumption, air pollution is decreasing so. We're going to reverse when the world glides to public transportation by pedestrian and bicycle. Izmir Street is the so-called pedestrian area but it is used as a parking lot. Escalators are not working, pedestrian sidewalks are removed, green areas around the road are not expanded, bus-to-metro schedules and travels are punctual and not comfortable. Public transport is not so attractive.

- Can't we use what's right?

- If the metro runs at its capacity, 1 every one and a half minutes, it can carry 70 per hour. Ankaray is at the 23 bin level. 8-12 can carry passengers between 12 and a thousand people if you run the 14-7 per minute. Ankaray, 8-500 bin X This is the one way account. Ankaray can carry 1 thousand people a day at full capacity; How many people carry? According to the August 2016 figures, 125 is a thousand people it That means the 20 of the current capacity is used. If you make the same account for the subway, you can carry 700 bin in one direction, 700 bin in the opposite direction, 1 thousand, and 1 about half a million people in just one way for the Cayyolu line. 3 and a half million need to carry the Batıkent-Sincan line. Two even 283 million people. How many people are moving? 7 bin. Two transfer and bus transfers, which should not be on the same line, are attractive for the price. For example; the bus brings you from the Etimesgut to Ümitköy metro stop. But Private Public Transport (ÖTA) and private public buses (ÖHO) go directly to Kızılay. Which one would you prefer? The passenger does so, the Çayyolu line cannot achieve its purpose. The municipality is making damage to the lines that will make a profit. There is a problem in the bus transfer: Let's say 8-20 arrives in minutes by metro, but the bus departs every half an hour, 23 leaves every minute. So arriving by train first, waiting for the bus at 5 minutes in half an hour. You're giving me the bus because of the demand, but you keep waiting for more. However, with small vehicles more often, even each train need to transfer. When the passenger of the 5 train is put on a bus, public transport for the first passenger waiting for the XNUMX train is no longer a charm.

- Do we use the passenger capacity of other public transport correctly?

- Normally a bus carries passengers between one thousand and one thousand 200 per day. In the bellows buses are around one thousand 500 and one thousand 800 people. These two types of municipal buses in Ankara carry an average of 405 people. Private Public Transport around 410, minibuses average 440, Private Public Buses around thousand 100. From this table we can understand; the municipality provides public service, but the income gets private public transport!


- What are we supposed to do today?

- First of all, the lines in 2015 Transportation Master Plan must be completed. I don't know how you're going to get into new ones without finishing the backbone of rail transport. If you do 4 years in 14 years, you will lose your earnings. In addition, if you do not remove the private transport for the municipality uses your own vehicles with low capacity, so you will be damaged. Moreover, you have never contributed to traffic. Transportation applications in Ankara, Istanbul, are being carried out not to solve transportation but to support urban rent and transportation rent. We are working on the contrary of the transportation system that should be. Therefore, the majority of projects are unnecessary projects. For example, the citizen is demanding it as a solution, because it is conditioned. He supports the solution by thinking.

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