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levent fidansoy
levent fidansoy

Good news of İnegöl rail system from BURULAŞ: Director of BURULAŞ Fidansoy, who visited Mayor Aktaş, said that there is no obstacle in the transition of Inegöl to the rail system and gave the good news of a great investment. The good news of the light rail system that İnegöl residents have been waiting for for a long time came when BURULAŞ Manager Levent Fidansoy visited İnegöl Mayor Alinur Aktaş in his office.

Making a statement on the subject, Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the necessary information was provided to BURULAŞ as the municipality and said “BURULAŞ is one of the important companies of the Metropolitan Municipality that provides transportation to Bursa. It is an establishment with serious infrastructure and equipment from Helitaxi to Bursa Airlines, rail systems to urban transportation. We are also pleased that our request for the light rail system was answered in Büyükşehir. We also told them about the situation regarding our villages and towns.

Our projects are also ready. Neither the subject parties nor our citizens should have any concerns. "We are excited to carry out the process one by one after the local elections." The Director of BURULAŞ Levent Fidansoy, who listened to the information given at the meeting with interest and took notes, said that they talked about what İnegöl can do about the transportation system after entering İnegöl Metropolitan borders since April. Evaluating the transportation system of Fidansoy İnegöl, “There is a very good transportation system in İnegöl.

We are trying to take this even further. What can we do in the system that will make all stakeholders of the current transportation system happy, especially the rail system? Our idea is to ensure continuity in privatization. We're just going to be organizers here. We are thinking of providing the link between the villages and the city. We have to bring transportation to a better point. He said that the mobility between İnegöl and Bursa after the metropolitan will increase twofold ”. İNULAŞ will continue Fidansoy stated that arrangements can be made after negotiating with the current company İNULAŞ and said, “There is BuKart in Bursa and Kent Kart here. This can be combined.

Combining all the cards in Turkey is being considered. The Municipality has done a good work on the lines. We will also meet with companies that operate between Bursa and İnegöl. There may be changes regarding buses. The need is considered in this regard. Passenger demand is important in this regard. There is a need for a bus and a rail system. The rail system is currently considered only in İnegöl. Over 20 km in the subway is not very efficient. We got above that too. It can be thought of as a train here, but the metro is not efficient. The rail system is suitable in İnegöl, ”he said.

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