Urla passenger meets the ferry

Urla passengers meet the ferry: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Foça and Mordoğan, then Urla and Guzelbahce also began to accelerate the work of the ship. Establishing a floating pier in compliance with the environment, Urla, which is a natural site, will launch an expedition to the district after the permission of the Ministry.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has made important moves in the sea transportation with its fleet equipped with the latest technology ships, continues its activities to add Urla as a new route to the ferry flights that start with Foça and Mordoğan in the outer bay.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which was preparing to start the voyages in Urla as part of the "Maritime Transport Development Project", built a floating dock as a berthing place as it is the natural protected area of ​​the region. The pier, which is compatible with nature and can move from one place to another, is also a “first in Izmir” feature. The floating scaffold, which is made of all steel and made in Tuzla, was built in Türk Loydu class in order to ensure life and property safety and to prevent environmental pollution. The floating pier, which is located in the place where the street between the business that operates under the name of Urla Pier and the İskele Migros building meets the coast, will start to serve after the permission of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is prepared to provide great convenience to the transportation of the ship to the city center, continues its project and tender works on the sea transportation to Guzelbahce.

15 from 13 ship arrived
15 of the 13 ships, equipped with the latest technology and environmentalist features, produced in Yalova for the purpose of improving the sea transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, started the voyage. The last two of the catamaran hull and made of 'carbon composite' material, which are stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, longer life, and low operating costs, will have higher speed capacity than others.

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