BİSİM's 35th Station Has Also Commenced Service


📩 04/06/2019 14:12

BISIM's 35 station was opened for rent, which was established by the Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of acquiring the identity of “bicycle city İzmir of İzmir. BISIM, which has reached 2014 million users since 2, aims to reach more people in Izmir soon with two tandem bicycles.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality creates safe and pleasant driving opportunities with the bicycle routes it has created, and is also expanding BISIM stations to encourage the use of bicycles in the city. BISIM rental bike system, which was established in 2014, opened its 35 station in Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area. Since 735, 500 has reached a million users, serving 2014 parking and 2 bicycles. During this period, 285 thousand people became members of the system.

BISIM, spreading to the city with its stations extending from Sahilevleri to Bird Paradise, plans new investments in order to reach a wider audience. One of these will be the commissioning of bicycles called “tandem ği, where two people can pedal at the same time.

BİSİM is now on social media
BİSİM, which gives full support to the public driving activities in order to spread the use of bicycles, is now meeting with the people of İzmir through social media. Bike enthusiasts can get information from @yollarartikbisim Instagram account and follow the best shares about cycling and Izmir.

Member card, Izmirim Card or credit card can be boarded with
It is possible to benefit from the BİMİM bicycle rental system which is of great interest by the tourists who want to observe the city and the environment closely. Those who want to use the bike, the system to take advantage of the fast and easy way to remove the member card. Those who are not members of the system can rent bicycles using Izmirim Card and credit card. In BISIM, we pay 3 TL for every hour as rental fee. Izmir's smart bike system is open between 06.00 and 23.00.

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