Social media phenomena skied at Ejder3200

The phenomena of social media skied in Ejder3200: The phenomena of social media came together in the city as part of the Sosyal Ejder3200 Erzurum fen event organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum. The event was attended by Metin Saygin, Halil Soylemez, Atakan Ozyurt, Fatih Yasin, Bilal Hancı, Aykut Elmas, Nalet Bebe, Halil İbrahim Göker, Uğurcan Akgül, Veysel Zaloğlu, Reşat Hacıahmetoğlu and Reynmen. The phenomena of social media skied in Ejder3200.

Most of the first experiences in skiing were fun and they entertained the citizens to enter the ski slopes. After the concert of Erzurum artist Rıdvan Adade in Palandöken, he met with the fans. The event, which attracted great interest from university students, was held in a warm environment despite the cold weather. One-on-one phenomena, fans answered questions. The phenomenal phenomenon of the Erzurum phenomenon Metin Saygin, who intensified his efforts to come to the city, thanked the participants and the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum. Saygın said, mem Erzurum is my hometown. If I live in Istanbul, I wanted to put my hand under the social media works I personally did and also came personally. For the introduction of a gigantic ski resort like Palandöken, we have tried such a way. We asked our friends who are most social media followers in the country. We all met here. We had fun and we introduced our city with our phenomena. The Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum welcomed our friends very well. I hope we will bring these friends again for larger organizations. İn #Ejder3200Erzurum hashtag work they started on Twitter at the time of the interviews of the phenomena remained on the country's agenda for hours.


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