IDO cancels all domestic sea bus services

IDO canceled all domestic sea bus services: Some of the Istanbul Sea Buses' (IDO) international flights were canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

According to the statement made by IDO, 06.30 Bursa-Yenikapı-Kadıköy-Besiktas, 07.10 Bostanci-Kartal-Yalova, 07.30 Besiktas-Kadıköy Yenikapı-Bursa Sea Bus, 07.45 Bandırma-Yenikapı-Bostancı sea bus services could not be performed.

The other flights that have been canceled are as follows:

“08.30 Armutlu-Armutlu TK-Yenikapı-Kadıköy, 08.30 Bursa-Yenikapı-Kadıköy-Besiktas, 09.30 Besiktas-Kadıköy-Yenikapı-Bursa, 14.30 Yalova-Tuzla-Kartal, 18.45 Bostancı-Yenikapı-Bandırma sea bus services. "
IDO also announced the cancellation of all domestic bus services due to weather conditions.



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