IDO Will Continue to Domestic Flights

ido ic will continue the line service
ido ic will continue the line service

1 Istanbul Sea Buses Industry and Trade Inc. which announced that it will stop domestic flights in December. (IDO) gave up this decision.

IDO's decision was announced on Friday. IDO officials also continue to meet with the relevant people and institutions, in this process, the passengers will continue to continue in terms of the victims said.

IDO had announced that it would halt expeditions due to increased costs and lack of promises given to them. In November, IDO 14 announced that 1 will terminate domestic flights except Sirkeci-Harem line as of December. On the other hand, IDO, Oruc Reis, Kaptan Pasha, Seydi Ali Reis high-speed passenger ships each sold for $ 1 million 2.

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