Donan electronic scissors discharged in Istanbul-Konya YHT line

Freezing electronic scissors halted the Istanbul-Konya YHT line: Istanbul-Konya High Speed ​​Train expedition had to stop in Ankara due to the freezing of electronic scissors. Passengers were able to come to Konya after a delay of approximately 3 hours.

Heavy snowfall and cold weather continued throughout the country, which caused the disruption of high speed train service. Istanbul-Konya high-speed train, the boundaries of Ankara due to the freezing of electronic scissors had to stop. After the high-speed train began to wait, all the flights were stopped mutually. Konya, the team, the electronic shears by making the electronic manual to make the train to pass through the scissors made. After the 2 hour waiting fast train truss problem was resolved, it moved again. In the morning, the high-speed train departing from Istanbul at 07.30 was able to arrive at Konya Station at 15.15 queues.

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