First Eye Pain in High Speed ​​Train

One of the most important projects of our country
From Rehabilitation to the Implementation of the Train Project
The process of transition to High Speed ​​Train
Leader Atatürk's eden The Level of Civilizations
Overwriting zih change the mentality that will fulfill its goal
also revealed.
Looking at the development process of the project;
For the first time in the first half of 1990, Ankaraİstanbul
rehabilitation of the existing railway between
the idea of ​​making the double-line
Together, in 1994 “Ankara-Istanbul Existing Railway
Rehabilitation Project itasyon investment
We see her taking part in the program. However, available
narrow radius curves with 90-120 km / h
in some ways with the way the second
between the 1994-1998 project in the line covering
no work done.
State Planning in 1999
Of the rehabilitation of the Ankara-Istanbul line
limited amount of credit to TCDD
He was given. Due to the fact that the loan is limited and
more ways to use economically
to be used in the Esenkent-Eskişehir section
It was decided.
On the 17.09.1999-Esenkent-Eskişehir section
200 km / h speed double-line construction
with Esenkent-Eskişehir (İnönü) signaling facilities
200 tendered for km / h speed.
16.10.2000 in the tender on the most appropriate
on 23.11.2000 with 437 million euros
Signed. However, the contract is signed
date to 2003
development failed.
Project Launched
3 on the date of 08.06.2003
Construction work started with the groundbreaking ceremony in Ankara and the project was started.
From Rehabilitation to High Speed ​​Train
The contract, signed in 2000, includes the rehabilitation of the current line and
Due to the 200 km / h, the current line is the same as on the world's fastest train lines.
independent 250 km / h speed to be done in accordance with the dual-line was changed to. Available
it was decided to protect the railway for conventional trains. In this context 5.5.2005
from the Project, Rehabilitation Project to the arı High Speed ​​Train Project Proj by the Council of Ministers
It was converted.
2004 206 km long Esenkent-Eskişehir section started construction in 2008
Completed in. On the 25.04.2007 with the participation of our Minister of Transport Mr. Binali YILDIRIM
As a result of the test runs, the line 13 is being launched in March 2009.
How was the line constructed?
Construction works of Esenkent-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Line continued in four different sections. Fluorene,
In Biçer and Beylikova, 3 separate site center was established.
All materials used in the infrastructure, superstructure and electromechanical systems of the project
was selected in accordance with the standards. How to implement the applications
In order to determine how to solve the problems encountered,
Cooperation was carried out at every stage with the distinguished universities of our country.
In Turkey, trains and electromechanics from abroad
the materials belonging to the systems were stacked in the storage areas.
36 m panels prepared in warehouse areas can be installed with line assembly machine named VAIACAR
It was laid. Then the line electrification, signaling and telecommunication systems
The installation is complete. All necessary works to prepare the line for test drives
Esenkent- Eskişehir High Speed ​​Line is parallel to the existing road
intersection points
also. At these points train underpass and train overpasses
by making the current and fast train line
interrelated with each other.
In addition, the Ankara-Eskişehir State Highway
2 is cut at this point
also new high-speed train line, highway
It was passed. Located on the route
road vehicles from agricultural areas and settlements,
Tractor, combine harvester
pedestrian and animals with such tools
overpass, overpass, and
culverts construction.
Turkey's Longest Viaduct
Esenkent-Eskişehir high speed train route
One of the important art structures is the viaducts. This
3993 pieces viaducts with a total length of 4 m
was built.
On the high-speed train route through the Sakarya river
Turkey's longest viaduct 2300 m in length
done. Sakarya viaduct is the first project
The design work took about 8 months. Construction is about
13 completed in months.
5 m at the lowest displacement in the viaduct
if 16 m. 1056 pcs pile gravel viaduct 2 pcs
The edge and 65 pieces are in the middle foot.
Also available is the railroad, in the direction of the viaduct Eskisehir
with the last foot after the train underpass
under the fast train line.

What was done in Esenkent-Eskişehir section?
2,5 million in excavation work
25 million tons of earthmoving was made by truck,
- 164 Million with 2,5 Thousand Truck Loads
Ton Ballast Moved
- 254 Culverts,
- 26 Highway Overpasses
- 30 Highway Underpasses,
- 13 River Bridges,
- 4 channel passes,
- 2 Highway Crossing Bridges,
- 7 Train Bridges,
- Total of 3993 Meters in Length 4
Piece of Viaduct,
- 471 Tunnel with a length of 1 m,
- 1 cut and cover tunnel was built.
- Total 51 Thousand Ton Rail,
- 680 thousand sleepers were installed.
As a result; Esenkent-Eskişehir fast
Train line available in line, 250
km / h speed, double line
It was.

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