Increase in public transportation fees in Ankara

Raising public transport in Ankara: Reorganization of public transportation fees in the capital was made. The new public transportation fees determined by the General Assembly of Ankara Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) will be valid as of January, 15.

According to the new tariff; full and transfer fees increased by 6,3 percent, while the fees of teachers and student tickets were not changed.

Full boarding in EGO buses, metro and Ankaray was determined as 2,50 TL, while transfer (transfer) fees were determined as 1 TL. The student and teacher discounted ticket prices remained the same, which was 1,75 TL.

According to the new tariffs determined by UKOME; In the case of private public buses (ÖTA, ÖHO), the full boarding fee will be increased to 2,75 TL and the discounted boarding fee will also be applied as 1,75 TL.

The minibus fee for short distance trips was increased to 2,75 TL and for long distance to 3,15 TL.

While there was no change in the use ticket of 4 TL with no transfer right, BELKO AİRs serving between Esenboğa Airport and Ankara also became 11 TL.


Metropolitan Municipality officials, free transportation since the 2014 year for the purpose of the Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line, 1 TL said they would move passengers in exchange for a fee.

The most important factor in making the ropeway line to be paid, the public transportation of some of the people due to the fact that the ropeway transportation began to be demanded by the people in this direction, the authorities noted, with the new application passengers can pay the 1 TL Şentepe-Yenimahalle said they could ride between the cable car.

Officials said that if the passengers continue their journey by subway at Yenimahalle Metro station, they would deduct 1 from the ticket price for the cable car.

Authorities, rail systems using the transfer of passengers from the Yenimahalle Metro Station and continue to travel if they said they would not take the cable car fee.


Metropolitan Municipality officials, EGO bus, ÖHO, ÖTA, Ankaray and subway passenger transportation tariff from the public transportation vehicles across the capital; The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) reported that they were implemented in accordance with the General Assembly resolutions.


Officials underlining that the public transport service was carried out by the General Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality of EGO for non-profit purposes, said:

, It is inevitable that tariff changes will be made as a public service, not for profit, in the public transportation service, the increase in investment costs and operating costs, and the provision of a sustainable public transportation service.

As EGO, the only 6 tariff changes were made in the last 2 year in Ankara for public transportation fees. Price arrangements were kept to a minimum. There was no increase in discounted tickets used by students and teachers in the final price arrangement. Düzen

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