Suburban Line Scissors Dondu IZBAN Didn't Work

Suburban Line Scissors Dondu IZBAN Did not work: Due to snowfall, some buses and vehicles remained on the road in the high areas of the city, while the scissors were freezing due to the IZBAN line between Menemen and Aliaga. Expeditions on the suburban line between Menemen and Aliağa started again.

Due to the effective snow in İzmir, the suburban line between İZBAN and Menemen and Aliağa did not work for a while yesterday. In the statement made by İZBAN, it was stated that the trusses were frozen due to the snowfall and icing that was effective between Menemen and Aliağa, and TCDD teams intervened in the malfunction. It was noted that ESHOT buses, where the line could not be served at the stations between Menemen and Aliağa, were commissioned. The line was later opened.


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