Haydar Akar, Adapazarı-Haydarpasa Regional train line was defeating

Haydar Akar, Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa Regional train line was defeated: CHP Kocaeli MP Haydar Akar, while continuing the negotiations on the Turkish Property Law in Parliament, said that the Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa Regional Train Line had a yearly history of 117, and said that the 30 a month after the 2015 benefited from the benefit of the citizens of the thousand people benefited, said that the service is a failure.

An issue that concerns Istanbul, Sakarya and Kocaeli. Yes, you make trains, you name it “high-speed train” but the citizens living on those routes cannot get rid of the troubles they bring. On this route, we had suburban trains between Gebze and Istanbul, and regional trains between Adapazarı and also between Haydarpaşa; Of course, there were also trains to various cities in Anatolia; all of this is gone.


You know, the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı line, which is one hundred and seventeen years old, is now blunted. This line, where 30 thousand people travel per day, students, officers travel, and workers travel, has now decreased from 30 thousand to 19 thousand per month. Why did it fall? Due to the high-speed train, the train services were abolished in 2012. Unfortunately, despite the high-speed train, it was stated that the regional train and suburban train will be operational again. At the beginning of 2015, again, with our difficulty, while the 2015-hour round-trip, regional trains were reduced to 24-round trips, and we called it "We put the regional train." They started working to say this, to say this, unfortunately, as I said, it works with 4 thousand passengers a month today. These regional trains were very important for that region. There were about 19 stations in towns and districts. All of them got up and life got harder. Why are trains or transport, roads, tunnels made, friends? It is made to save time, it is made to reduce costs, it is made to add value to the economy, but with this high-speed train, you do not save money in the economies, time and costs of these three regions, you have condemned people to buses, daily capacity of 20 thousand passengers.


Now, the people of Adapazarı gather signatures, nearly 40 thousand signatures were collected because these regional trains do not enter the center of Adapazarı, but go to Arifiye. In the past, in the previous years, people who could go from Adapazarı center to Haydarpaşa by means of a train, now go from Adapazarı to Arifiye with Adaray, go from Arifiye to Pendik, from Pendik to metro by bus, by metro to Haydarpaşa or To reach Söğütlüçeşme, KadıköyThey are trying to reach. They use more than one, close to 5, close to 4 vehicles.


Now, this just demand of Adapazarı, the right of the people is being blocked by the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, friends. From here I am calling to the deputies of Sakarya, I am calling to the deputies in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the election district is there, I am calling to the ruling party deputies: These regional trains, which are the right demand of the people, must be started as soon as possible, suburban trains should be launched as soon as possible. Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor opposes this, yes, a Mayor with a ruling party opposes this. TCDD, State Railways, “There are three or four level crossings, I can do these. There is only one line on the Arifiye-Adapazarı line, I can make it a double line. I can do all this. ” but the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality opposes this, giving up a hundred and seventeen years of story in Adapazarı. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible, support needs to be given.


Friends, I really, as a friend who grew up on those trains - we switched from black train to electric train - we went to school on those trains, we used those trains while continuing our business life. Indeed, many people from Kocaeli, people from many towns of Kocaeli would go to the market in Adapazarı, and they would do their daughter's wedding dress shopping from there. Indeed, they also collapsed the economy of Adapazarı, that is, with this logic. especially the ruling party deputies, to convince the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. State Railways are ready for this job. Look, I am saying it clearly, State Railways "I will prepare all the infrastructure, as long as it is allowed." says. Indeed, the big problem for that region is that it needs to be fixed as soon as possible, so he asked for support.

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