Minister of State of Ghana visited TCDD

Ghana State Minister Visited TCDD: Minister of State of Ghana Akwasi Oppong Fosu visited TCDD General Directorate.
General Manager who met with Fosu at his office İsa Apaydın Then he met with the delegation from Ghana at the Headquarters Meeting Hall. Turkey Industrialists and Business Women's Association of Businessmen in a meeting also attended by Director General Chairman Courtesy Eminem İsa Apaydın Briefing about TCDD's history, current status, railway network, studies and targets.
Apaydin, expressed satisfaction with the visit, said they were ready to help Ghana'ı always.
Fosu stated that there are railways in their countries but they are not working and they wanted to get help about the investments in railways.
Apaydın gave a plaque to Fosu after the meeting and took a photo with a Ghanaian delegation in front of the Ankara Highways Station.



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