Hook 50 published the book about Tattooing, which is the first in Turkish to commemorate the anniversary

Hook 50 published the book about Tattooing, which is the first in Turkish to commemorate the anniversary
Can you tell us about yourself?
I was born in Kütahya - Simav in 1973. After my primary and secondary education, I graduated from Bursa Işıklar Military High School. After graduating from METU Mechanical Engineering Department in my undergraduate education, I started working as an R&D Engineer in Kanca A.Ş. That same year, METU I started my graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering applies for the first time in Turkey we have finished with a thesis on cold forging technology. In 1996, I completed the Executive Development Program at Istanbul University Institute of Business Economics.
I have been working at Kanca as R & D Manager since 2005. I am a member of the International Cold Forging Group since 1998, I was among the founding board members of Atılım University Metal Forming Excellence Center in 2010. I am currently a member of the International Cold Forging Group, TAYSAD R & D Working Group. I'm married and I have a daughter (13) and a son (8) that I enjoy spending time with.
Where did the book idea come from?
The proposal to write a book about forging has come from our General Manager Alper Bey about a year ago. Alper Brain European tattooist Federation (Euroforg) president more ahead thanks to the relations between the vice Germany Forging Union (IMU - Industrieverband Massivumformung e. V.) Durmus a promotional video prepared by the Turkish in Turkey and we distribute them throughout the vocational school.
Many of the letters of thanks coming from school principals and vocational teachers were talking about how valuable the service of this video was to the students of vocational high schools studying in the remote corners of Anatolia. We understood that amaçlı tattooism amaçlı, which is a horse trade, has been conducted in Turkey. a great need. These writings from educators gave us even more power and excitement. We decided to write a book to tell us about ”tattoo technology yaz.
Can you give us information about the content of the book?
In the book, after a brief information about the historical development of tattooing, we have touched on the theoretical foundations of metal forging and the application areas of forging parts. We couldn't explain the steel, so we explained the steel production processes and the major steel alloys we used.
We can write a book on the forging machines, and we have just mentioned the features of the most widely used forging machines. Different types of forging operations, molds and apparatuses used for these machines, the most common types of errors and quality procurement processes were the subjects we discussed in separate sections.
In particular, we have also covered a number of important topics to be considered in the development process of a forging part for our customers. In short, we touched every subject from A to Z about the wrought piece and tried to give information.
Can you tell us about the preparation process of the book?
Our original goal was to translate and publish the book "Massivumformung kurz und bündig" of the German Tattooers Association, which was written for the purpose of introducing tattoo technology. In a team of volunteer friends, we shared different parts of this book and translated them. In the meantime, we thought that some parts of this book should be developed. We cited from different sources, and rewritten some parts completely. When you look at the number of pages, I can say that it is roughly 70% compilation and 30% with our original contribution.
Who should read and who can benefit?
As the name of the book suggests, it includes information about hot forging technology without getting into detail as a hot tattoo overview, from steel production to quality control of finished product.
Forging technology is one of the technologies that make the most difference in the production of high safety, durable defense, automotive and aerospace parts. It is a fact that has been going on for thousands of years. The agricultural community was able to show improvement with the tools produced by hot forging. When you look at the great battles gained, you can see the advanced tattoo technology that is used in the production of many weapons that we saw yesterday as swords, barrels, ammunition, etc. today.
The sub-components of the car, which is known as üretim the machine that changes the world bir together with the forging technology and the industrial revolution, is an indispensable technology in the production of engine, driveline and chassis parts.
We wanted to share our 50 years of experience to develop the relevant human resource in this field for the recognition and dissemination of such an important technology.
Our customers who want to get acquainted with the forging process of our book, our young colleagues who started their work life in the forging sector, the medium and higher education institutions which are the curriculums in this field, machinery, tooling, consumables etc. I think it might attract the interest of the suppliers. In short, I can say that we have prepared a resource book that can be used by everyone.
Who said what about the book?
“I congratulate you with my sincere wishes for the valuable work you have created with great effort. I believe it is a useful book that explains the applications in the industry to students who take metal forming lessons in schools. ”
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly
“… You have created a very good work, a very useful service for the education of young people in our industry. I wish everyone could be yours, every company like a Hook! ... "
A. Fatih Tamay
ISUZU General Manager Asst.

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