Metrobus Driver Stabbed Passenger Asking If Air Conditioning Is On

Istanbul metrobus map
Istanbul metrobus map

The driver of the Metrobus stabbed the passenger asking if the air conditioner was on: The bus driver of Sogutlucesme - Avcilar, stabbed the passenger asking whether the air conditioner was on. IETT made a written statement on the subject.

The event occurred at the time of Zincirbuyu metrobus stop at the 11.00 ranks. According to information obtained, the driver of the Söğütlüçeşme -Avary said that the air conditioner is not open to the interview between the driver. Controversy with the growth of the controversy metrobüs knife next to a knife stabbed Cem Çalışkan. The passengers then reacted to the driver of the BRT. Metrobus driver, on the reaction metrobüsünü away from the scene.


The passengers getting off the metrobus waited for the arrival of the medical teams by helping the injured passenger. When the security guards prevented the press members who wanted to shoot, the citizens reacted. Citizens who wanted the shooting to be made discussed with the officials. Citizens who helped the media take a picture “How does a BRT driver attack his people with a knife? How does a BRT driver stab a passenger who asks "Is the air conditioner on?" What country do we live in? The driver insulted everyone and attacked them with a knife. The security guards kidnapped the driver, ”they said. The medical teams, who came to the scene with the notice of the citizens, took the injured passenger to the hospital.


IETT, Sogutlucesme-Avcılar voyage of the driver of the metrobus, air conditioner asked whether the passenger stabbed a written statement about the stabbing.

The statement said, “This morning, there was a discussion between a passenger and a driver in the metrobus operating on the Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu line. The verbal debate that started about whether the vehicle air conditioner was on or not turned into a form of mutual beating, while the driver injured the passenger in his arm with a cutting tool. As IETT, first of all, we wish our injured passenger to get well soon, and we would like to state that we are sorry for the incident. Our biggest consolation in this sad event is that our passenger is in good health. The first response to our passenger was made by an ambulance called to Zincirlikuyu stop. Afterwards, our passenger was transferred to Bezm-i Alem Vakıf Gureba Hospital and İBÇD 'Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Employees Association Accident Team' was directed to the hospital to take care of our injured passenger. According to the information we received from our colleague accompanying our passenger at the hospital, our passenger was in good health and was discharged after the emergency response and as of 12.20. Regarding the incident, our driver was sent to Kuştepe Police Station together with the police teams who came to the Zincirlikuyu stop and gave a statement. The judicial side of the incident will continue within the framework of legal processes. As IETT, we would like to announce that we have started our processes on the subject, and after completing our research, we will quickly resolve the issue and share the results ”.

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