Will Tram Expeditions In Gaziantep

Will Tramways Go Into Gaziantep: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council, which convened for the first session of September, decided on 62 agenda items. In the assembly gathered under the chairmanship of Osman Toprak [more…]

marmaray tup
34 Istanbul

Technical Malfunction

Technical malfunction in Marmaray: The worker who did maintenance work in Marmaray in the early hours of the morning lost his life due to the electric current. Marmaray after the failure that caused the death of the unfortunate worker [more…]

Intercity Railways

Kars-Akyaka Train Schedules interrupted

Kars-Akyaka Train Services have been suspended: Ahmet Ahmet, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who has been conducting inspections on the Kars Railway Line in Baku within the scope of his visit to Kars on 26 July 2016 [more…]

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