Women Insist on Pink Metrobus

pink metrobus
pink metrobus

Women insist on the pink metrobus: Metrobus and bus trips turn into torture due to overcrowding. In particular, citizens who have problems in public transportation affect their mental health, even stating that citizens launched a petition campaign. “I would like to invite the executives to the metrobus wearing uniforms, Kadınlar said the women,“ managers will see the disgrace if they come, dedi he said.

A group of women, under the leadership of the young lawyer Rukiye Bayram 'pink bus' took action again. Stating that he has been using BRT every day to go to his office, Bayram said, Bayram Every day many of us are witnessing what women have had to travel in the BRT. As in the case of Japan, we demand the implementation of pink metrobus in our country. Japonya

Everyone should be able to travel as they wish

Bayram, stating that everyone should have the right to travel as he wants, "our request is not something like the break-up of BRTs, normal mixed-line metrobus journeys, while a line of pink metrobus, women who want to feel safe, women want to use these metrobus," he said.
The journey turns into torture

Stating that the metrobus have taken passengers far above the capacity of the vehicle and that the journeys do not comply with any human criteria, Bayram said, î People are forced to travel in a way that is inconsistent with any material and spiritual value. It is well known that the trip has turned into torture because of the crowd and because of immoral behaviors. In some countries that value people, we see that there is a distinction between men and women. I think the people of this beautiful country deserve this beauty. Bu

The whole day is going down

Bayram started the day with a journey to Metbrus Bayram, "my journey in the first hours of the day to see such landscapes, my motivation is deteriorating and my whole day is going upside down. I have seen many of my friends around me that they are victims of the abominations of these journeys and their psychologies are upside down. Et
I tell managers to metrobuses

Bayram announced that they started a signature campaign at change.org to make their voices heard and said, “We want everyone to support this campaign”. Painter Rana Demir, one of the names who supported the campaign, said: anan What happened in metrobuses is not human. I would like to invite the executives, the mayors, who obliged the people to such a journey, to the metrobus with a dress code. Vehicles take passengers far above passenger capacity. Shouldn't there be an audit? This is not a problem in terms of both morality and security. ”

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