IMM City Lines Pass to Winter Tariff, Expedition Increases

ibb city lines go to winter timetable
ibb city lines go to winter timetable

IMM City Lines, 16 September 2019 Monday Winter Schedule. 8 24 will even be held on average daily 682 voyages in the winter schedule, which will last half a month. City Lines will launch uninterrupted ferry services from Bostancı to the Islands for 24 hours.

Şehir Hatları AŞ, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is passing the Winter Tariff in order to contribute to the increasing demand in public transportation from the sea with the opening of schools. 16 September 2019 Within the scope of the tariff that will start on Monday and end on May 31, the application of the ring voyage between Istanbul and the Islands has been strengthened. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu'nun instructions on the transportation problems of the Islands' table in the "Islands Transport Workshop" in line with the decision, the flights are frequent.

Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of City Lines, said: ilgili We had promised to research the suggestions that were brought up in the workshop. With the Winter Tariff, we are increasing our existing flights between Istanbul and the Princes' Islands.

During the Winter Schedule, the ring voyages between Istanbul and the Princes' Islands will be upgraded to 43, while the Bostanci - Princes' Princes' ferry services will provide 24 hours of uninterrupted service on weekdays and weekends. Accordingly, the ship moving from Büyükada at 00.00 will dock at Bostancı Pier at 01.10. The City Lines ferry will take passengers from Bostancı at 02.00 to Kınalıada, Burgazada and Heybeliada and reach Büyükada Pier at 03.10. This ring expedition will continue to 03.45 Bostancı, and will reach 04.30 Bostancı, 04.55 Kınalı, 05.10 Burgas, 05.25 Heybeliada, and 05.40 Büyükada.

While the Adalar flights from Beşiktaş and Eminönü are arranged according to the Winter Tariff, some of the Eminonu - Adalar line services Kabataş will be linked.

Beykoz - Uskudar, Rumeli Kavagi - linked Sariyer - Eminonu lines will continue to operate parallel to the shore. With the 2019 Winter Schedule, Istanbul's ferries will perform the average daily 682 on Bosphorus, Princes' Islands, Haliç and İstinye-Çubuklu ferry lines.

City Lines had a busy season due to the increasing interest in sea transportation in the summer season. In the 3,5 monthly summer period, the number of passengers increased by 2018 compared to the summer of 11. City Lines served 13 million 213 thousand passengers in the summer season.

From the tariff booklets located on the berths to the line and voyage information of 2019 Winter Tariff of City Lines with ALO 153 White Table line Can be accessed from the website.



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