The third airport is the most sensitive in the world

The third airport is the world's most sensitive bird: Birdwatching, which started before construction works and continues until today, will be the most sensitive airport in the world.
The airport, which is the most astronomical institution in the world, will be the only airport supported by bird radar system since the first day of data collection and planning.
Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Senior Manager (CEO) of Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) Airports, explained the studies on environment and birds since the first day of Istanbul New Airport.
Akçayoğlu reminded that bird migration routes affect flight safety and that there are many criticisms that the Third Airport is located on these roads.
Turkey's bird migration Akcayoglu voicing the presence on the roads is very normal, first of bird movements in the region that mobilized to create the database, the airport project, he recruited the first person that environmental director.
Mr. Akçayoğlu stated that he has been working as an environmental director following the fields such as kuç migration, environmental movements and endemic plants since the first day. He also stated that they made an agreement with environ to conduct a detailed environmental and social impact assessment study.
Yusuf Akçayoğlu stated that the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report was formed as a result of this study and that they started the first bird observation studies in September 2013 within the scope of the ESIA.
throughout 2014 across 12 kilometers for the first time in Turkey so as to scan a band 4 observation stations in 4 ornithologists (bird scientists) by detailed bird observation they begin their studies transfer Akcayoglu, hand in 2,5 years, there was data collected in great detail, the kind of the last birds from this area He explained that the variety was determined.
Akçayoğlu said, “Istanbul New Airport has the feature of being the only airport where data collection and planning studies are carried out at this level before the construction works begin, supported by the bird radar system. We established our Wildlife Management Unit. We are the first and only airport to install this unit during construction. "Currently, 6 ornithologists work at the Wildlife Management Unit at IGA," he said.
- “Our work is to ensure that flights do not fail”
Akcayoglu of iGain doing a very detailed study abroad, the environmental director, Europe, America, Canada as the country which is moving more more flights from Turkey Noting that continued research, said they see that none of them in bird migration routes because the airport is closed.
Akçayoğlu stated that the reports were prepared as a result of the studies carried out so far and reported that they have examined the most advanced technologies in the world.
Akçayoğlu said, “Finally, we bought our bird radar system, which has the ability to automatically evaluate the data we collect with the most advanced software worldwide and make risk assessment. Thanks to this, we believe that we can perform flight movements in the most reliable way. ”
- “There will be no problem for the bird”
Akçayoğlu emphasized the importance of flight safety of its passengers and airlines and continued:
“We think about how effective and with less loss we can do the air operations here. In other words, we aim at minimum disruption in flight movements. Otherwise there is danger in these works, not in the sense of managing it. How can we make flight operations healthier and more effective? There was a risky incident here, so we are not so sensitive. The problem of birds is everywhere in the world, the more issues here. There is no extra problem. Here we are performing a first. This in Turkey, will be an example to the world. We strive to provide the most effective aircraft movement with minimal time loss. Otherwise, there is no life-threatening situation.
We do not think that there will be a problem for the bird. Thanks to these radars, we will detect the hours of intense migration in advance thanks to the bird migration we have done. In this sense, we will reduce the flight risk to zero. There is a risk in everything, of course, as well as aviation, but we will manage it in the best way. No serious work has been done in the world for birds so far. Our work is to ensure 100% flight safety during bird migrations. In this sense, we allocated serious budget. We also made radar purchases. In addition, we will receive consultancy from a company on this matter. ”
- “We allocated 15 million euros to environmental and bird studies”
Akçayoğlu said that they continued to cooperate with Atatürk Arboretum and Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden in order to continue the species of living beings in the construction site, and that they also carried turtles in this area to the interior of the forest.
The budget for the environment and birds are 15 million euros, Akçayoğlu pointed out that this money is reserved only for the first stage.
Akçayoğlu said, “You know this project is the biggest project in the history of the republic. Positive and negative reactions were received from these projects both at home and abroad. We care about the environment very much. The sensitivity of the project to the environment beyond its financial return is also very important for future generations. That's why we made such an attempt. Let this be an example. ”

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