The third bridge and the third airport to the construction site entering the mandate 5 thousand pounds penalty!

5 thousand lira pasture penalty for buffaloes entering the third bridge and the third airport construction site! : Pastures have decreased in the villages of the historical city due to the third bridge to Istanbul and the construction of the third airport. When the expropriated area for the airport shrank due to ground incompatibility, the buffaloes entering these places were fined for 'entering the forest area without permission'.
Peasants who are looking to sell the pegs, think about how they will pay the penalty of one thousand 500 liras and 5 thousand pounds.
The villagers who made their living by breeding livestock in Kemerburgaz Akpınar Village were trapped among the areas expropriated due to the mines, the 3rd airport and the 3rd bridge construction. Peasants used some of the area expropriated for the airport as pasture. In these areas, the villagers were allowed to graze their animals. However, when the expropriated area retreated due to inappropriate ground, it moved away from the village borders. The Regional Directorate of Forestry teams, who stated that this is a forest area again, fined the buffalo owners without informing the villagers.
There are a lot of people eating punishments in the village on the grounds that their buffaloes entered the forest area. However, the villagers who are afraid to say, 'If we talk, more punishment will come,' they cannot speak. In the village, there are animal owners who are fined between 500 and 5 liras. Adnan Oruç, one of the penalty-eating buffalo owners, said, “Because it is the airport here, its borders were within the village. They pulled back the border, as the ground was broken. This time, the state regained ownership when the pine field was exposed. We did not know about it. We had a penalty. 12 men left. I sold most of them. We have no pasture. It narrowed well. This is a mine, it's an airport, the other is a highway. Livestock is over here. ” spoke in the form.
In order to plant seedlings in the landslide areas between the mines, some areas were turned with barbed wire. Rifat Akın, who was fined for entering goats in these places without seedlings, said, “The other party was the airport, we cannot enter there. Foresters turned to abandoned landslide areas by wire. Our animals are writing penalties for entering here. They say this is a pine tree, but everywhere is swamp, fender. Neither seedlings nor anything. He says it is forbidden, it is forbidden to pass through wires. I was sentenced to a thousand 500 lira. Our animals have no pasture. Foresters tell us to sell animals. They say that you will be punished. I walk 6 kilometers every day to graze my animals. ” said.
Binnaz Kalpaklı, who said he was surprised by what he was going to do with helplessness, said, “Now we can't go anywhere. Our animals are inside. Now it's winter, but when summer comes out I don't know what to do. We have no place to graze. We have no way to make a living, and no one to make efforts. We also don't know where to go. Our business is always complicated. ” he spoke.
The security chief of a mine quarry trying to move the journalists who report the troubles of the villagers away from the village entrance, said, “This is ours. This is Akçelik's license area. This is not the land of the village, but my mine site. ” used expressions.

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