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There is no train: No ring ticket in the capital, Sincan and Çayyolu regions, which started by directing the bus services to the subway lines, started to be implemented in the train services together with the metro Başkentray Project inin works.
In addition to the Ankara-Kayaş-Sincan railway line, which provides urban transportation within the scope of the içi Başkentray Project-initiated by the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, a new arrangement has been made between Ankara and other cities. While there was no change in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights within the scope of 18 months, the flights between Ankara and Kırıkkale Irmak Railway Station were canceled. YHT was put into service for Izmir Blue Train between Eskişehir (Hasanbey) and Ankara. In order to prevent any disturbance in the canceled East lines, train passengers started to be transported between Ankara and Irmak by bus.
11 The 40 bus with 2 passenger transport capacity was commissioned to provide transportation between East Express, Van Lake Express and Southern Kurtalan Express each between Ankara and Irmak. However, the lack of bus capacities is causing problems in practice. Ankara-Irmak transfer between buses with the capacity of 80 people from Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars, Malatya, Tatvan, Diyarbakir, Kurtalan tickets are not sold to trains to Kurtalan.
East, Van Lake and South Kurtalan expressions to travel to one of the citizens of Ankara Station, can not get tickets from the box office. Passengers, the trains leading to these cities, stating that there is no place, they go to Kirikkale with their own means, they are said to travel if they buy tickets. For bus capacities, citizens who cannot take a train from Ankara are also forced to travel to Kırıkkale.
TCDD stepped in for the solution of the victimization of the new regulation which was put into practice a week ago. TCDD officials, UM In the Eastern Express, taking into account the complaints from the demand, we have increased the capacity of the bus, which provides the transfer of train passengers between Ankara and Irmak, to 120. Van Lake and the southern Kurtalan expresses the capacity of the buses still 80 passengers ekspres he said.
The new regulations on the cancellation of the Baskentray study are as follows:
* EASTERN EXHIBITION (Ankara-Kars): 11 July 2016-11 December between the dates of 2017 will serve between Irmak-Kars, Ankara-Irmak will be provided by transportation buses.
* VAN LAKE EXCAVATION (Ankara-Tatvan): 11 July 2016-11 will be served between Irmak-Tatvan between December and 2017 and even transportation between Ankara and Irmak will be provided by buses.
* SOUTH-KURTALAN EXPRESSION (Ankara-Kurtalan): 11 July 2016-11 December 2017 between Irmak-Kurtalan will serve between the line, even between Ankara-Irmak will be provided by buses.
* ÇUKUROVA EXPRESSION (Ankara-Adana): The flights between Ankara and Kayseri will be canceled as of 23 July 2016 and the transportation will be provided by Erciyes Express (Kayseri-Adana).
* IZMIR BLUE TRAIN (Ankara-Izmir-Alsancak): 11 July 2016-11 December 2017 between Izmir (Alsancak) -Eskişehir running between the line, even Eskişehir-Ankara transportation will be provided by YHT.
15-15, on the other hand, will be refunding ticket fees for passengers who cannot use their train tickets in July because of the July coup attempt. TCDD's website announced the following statements:
"Turkey due to the general in 15 July situation was exceptional in the history of 2016 15 between July 2016 hours 21.00 from 17 July 2016 date and time of passengers using the ticket area, and tickets to all the moving train up to 24.00 tickets 18 July 14 August 2016 date; In case TCDD tolls and tickets are received by TCDD toll booths, in case the passengers who receive tickets from the call center, internet and mobile sales channels send e-mails to the address of
open ticket voucher transactions will be done. bilet

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