Economy Minister Zeybekci: Giant projects will continue at full speed

Minister of Economy Zeybekci stated that the fundamentals of the economy are solid and said that Turkey will rapidly move to a stronger point after 15 July. Zeybekci: “TL is worth quickly kazanyeast will continue,” he said.
While the impact of the coup attempt on the Turkish economy was limited, the economy management underlines that Turkey will achieve significant successes in investment, growth and employment in the new period. Expressing that the coup attempt on July 15 targeted the economy, Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci stated that the recovery will be rapid and said, "I believe that we will reach a stronger point very quickly than Friday, July 15." Minister Zeybekci, who stated that "We will recover our economy much faster," said, "We will be talking about the most important decisions taken throughout our history in investment incentives and supports. Turkish Lira will rapidly appreciate in the coming days kazanyeast will continue,” he said.
Stating that the Turkish economy has a solid foundation, Zeybekci said Z Our economy continues to produce despite the coup attempt. Türk Economy Minister Zeybekci, despite being targeted all over the world, noting that Turkey's walk with the event told Turkey's coup attempt important things to do. Zeybekci eden We are one of the first fastest growing 5 countries in the world despite the terror and all around us. When we look at the latest unemployment figures, we have a unemployment rate of 9.3. We even see that as high. Because our goal is at our 6 level. Çünkü Zeybekci, Turkey's economy, noting that as the attack made "Next year we will be celebrating these days 15 days in July of democracy, our martyrs, we will be remembering our martyrs of democracy. Turkey is coming through all badireyi, "he said.
Minister Zeybekci said: mus Political institutions are in a determination to act together, I see this as a blessing brought by harm. speculative rant Let those who say Turkey will illuminate hands. I believe that we will come to a stronger point very quickly with the measures we will take. We know what needs to be done, we will quickly recover the economy. We will continue to make routine decisions in the economy. We will be discussing economic partnership issues with Russia next week. A very important part of the operation has passed, the last cleaning is now done. Operasyon
Speed ​​to giant projects
The target of the cuntaists attempting to strike is the 3. Airport, Canal Istanbul, High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) Lines, especially in many vision projects. Turkey frustration with the objectives and plans of the coup leaders who will reach the 2023 100 billion dollars in total in excess of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, TANAP, High Speed ​​Rail, Channel Istanbul, 3. Bridge, 3. Airport, domestic cars, such as the national airliner will carry Turkey to the summit of the world's giant project will continue at full speed. Minister of Economy Zeybekci said, hüküm When Gezi terrorism begins, look at the demands of the Taksim Platform. 3. The bridge would be stopped, the nuclear power plants should be abandoned, Osman Gazi Bridge was stopped. 17-25 Connect between December and Trip events. 17-25 December is also a terrorism. This is an attack on the country's Council of Ministers, the government of this country, the President of this country, the special of this country. Bu

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