Training was given to the delegation of Djibouti and Ethiopia in TCDD 1.

📩 09/12/2018 17:35

Training was given to Djibouti and Ethiopia Delegation at TCDD 1 District Department: A delegation of Djibouti and Ethiopia Railway companies was given hands-on training in Haydarpaşa and Kapıkule about border crossing operations.

28-30 In the 2015-25 April 28 during the theoretical phase of the 2016, 1-1 April XNUMX training was given in Xiban. Authorities from XNUMX Regional Directorate and Ankara Training Center Directorate attended the training.

The guest delegation was given both theoretically and practically the necessary trainings for the acceptance and dispatch of the trains at the border stations.

The guest guests were certified by Halil Korkmaz, the Director of 1.

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