Samsun, Turkey's Logistics Center Must Targets

Samsun, Turkey's Logistics Center Must Aims: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arli, 45 million euro budget is to continue the construction of the Logistics Village project and said they aimed to complete the project in the last quarter of 2017 years.
Turkey's progress towards becoming a logistics center in Samsun Logistics Village project is the most important project of the presenters at the Provincial Coordination Committee on Arli, was an important explanations about the project.
“The project's budget reached 45 million euros”
Stating that the project has reached 45 million Euros with the support of the EU, Deputy Secretary General Arlı said, “Samsun Logistics Village Project, which will make Samsun, which aims to be the logistics center of Turkey, an import-export gateway to the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus countries, is located approximately at the city center of Samsun. It will be established on an area of ​​approximately 15 decares in the Aşağıçinik region of Tekkeköy district, 672 km east of it. It is 20 km from Samsunport Port (main entrance), 7 km from Yeşilyurt Port, 5,6 km from Toros Fertilizer Port and 10 km from Çarşamba Airport. Samsun-Ordu highway passes 1.8 km north of the Logistics Village. Samsun-Çeşamba railway line passes right next to the Logistics Village. The shares of the institutions that make up the Samsun Logistics Village Project Executive Board, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 40 percent, Tekkeköy Municipality 10 percent, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry 25 percent, Samsun Commodity Exchange 15 percent, Samsun Central Organized Industrial Zone 10 percent, Central Black Sea Development Agency also natural. as a member. Samsun Logistics Village project was submitted to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2011 on behalf of the Middle Black Sea Development Agency, within the scope of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program, priority 1, the development of the business environment, the development of the industrial infrastructure. As a result of the evaluation; The right to be included in the Priority Projects List with 26 projects on April 2012, 11 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. kazanis gone. Our project has shown great success as the single major project with the highest budget submitted to the program at all stages in Turkey, with a budget of 25 million Euros. During the negotiation process with the European Union Commission, the European Union Delegation to Turkey and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the project budget has reached approximately 45 million Euros.
“The aim of the project is to develop regional competition”
Sefer Arlı, who plans to improve the competition of Amasya, Samsun and Çorum Tokat provinces in the TR 83 Region with the project, said, “The overall objective of our project is to develop regional competitiveness by providing logistics warehouse facilities to companies in the TR 83 Region. Its special objectives are developing regional transportation and logistics infrastructure for entrepreneurs, increasing the share of rail transport and increasing cargo storage problem by increasing the transition to multi-model transportation. Currently, the tender for the construction of our project has been carried out and the tender has remained within the borders of SERA Group company. A contract has been signed with the contractor, and works have been started by delivering the site. Technical support tender was held. The tender for the purchase of goods is at the tender stage. Our project is targeted to be completed in the last quarter of 2017. In addition to these works, the working schedule has been determined and initiated in the investment of approximately 30 million TL by negotiating with TCDD for infrastructure and superstructure works of the railway line that goes to Logistics Village.
“Excavation work continues”
Stressing that the construction phase of the project is continuing, Arlı said, “In our project, the foundation of the social building has been completely completed and the concrete of the A1-A2-C3 block basement columns and curtains has been poured. In C2-C1-B1 block, column and curtain iron reinforcement and mold works are ongoing. A1-A2 Block ground floor iron reinforcement and mold works are ongoing. Type 1 Excavation work has been completed and grobeton has been poured after filling and testing. Waterproofing has started and continues. 2 percent of the Type 60 excavation work has been completed and the excavation work continues. 3 percent of the Type 30 excavation work has been completed and the excavation work is continuing. ”
“A channel should be built in the southern part of the project”
Underlining that a channel should be built in the southern part for the protection of the land and the project, Arlı said, “The border area Yarılkaya Creek and D15-3 drainage channel reclamation works are continuing by DSI 7th Regional Directorate. However, various channels in the south of the adjacent project area, located in an area of ​​approximately one thousand 100 decares, extend to our project site. It is necessary for these channels in our construction site to be blindly closed at the points where they enter our site, in order to realize the work done at the construction site. For this reason, in order to protect the Samsun Logistics Village project area and the productions and the mentioned thousand 100 acres of land, it is important to secure the channels and waters coming from the top of the project area by connecting them to Yarılkaya and / or D15-3 channels. It is. In addition, a 50-hectare area will create a port backyard, and new storage areas will be created to meet our logistics, cold storage and warehouse needs and logistics supports will be provided. This will also be the connection point of the Logistics Village project, and a pier will be constructed where small tonnage ships can dock ”.

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