Railway will bring Sivas back to life

The railway will revive Sivas again: Sivas is known as the 'city of the republic' with the foundation of the republic, 'the city of culture' with its bards and historical artifacts, and 'the mining city' with its underground reserves. Industrial investments in the city have also increased since the first years of the republic. Our city, which receives its share from public investments, found its door to business and food in the state. For this reason, the private sector spirit did not develop in our city and there was immigration. We formed an advisory board together with our opinion leaders to overcome this fortune of Sivas. We discussed the problems of this city that await immediate resolution. We implemented the '3 T', common detection, common demand and common follow-up model.

The report we presented to the Council of Ministers meeting in Sivas in 2003 and the decisions taken changed the fate of this city. Inclusion of Sivas in the incentive law paved the way for private sector investments. We held meetings at home and abroad and met with investors. 500 industrialists and businessmen sent a letter to abroad in Turkey, we invited investment. We started Istanbul-Sivas flights by committing to flights to solve the transportation problem. We organized the "Sivas Industry and Economy Summit" by hosting the economy staff at the upper level of the state. As a first in Sivas history, we laid the foundations of 41 factories collectively. In Sivas, where 17 factories were built in 34 years, today factories started production. 7 thousand people are currently employed.

The railway will raise the city back

A new step is taken in the industry and Demirağ OSB is being established. The railway line will pass from each parcel of this region and the factories that will make production for the railway sector in the region will form the weight. The railroad will take Sivas back. According to this project, national freight wagons of the national train project will be produced at TÜDEMSAŞ plant. The wagons intended to be on the track in the last quarter of this year will be exported to many countries.

Due to our location, our city has become an important transportation center with the High Speed ​​Train Project, the Black Sea-Mediterranean Project (KAP) and air traffic. There are 86 reciprocal flights a week to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. With the completion of the high-speed train project in 2018, the distance between Sivas and Ankara will be reduced to two hours. Another important investment in transportation is the Black Sea Mediterranean Project, which will facilitate Sivas's access to the sea. The 600-kilometer road, the project of which was drawn during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid, will be put into service in 2017. Sivas will reach Ordu Port in three hours. Our province was added to the scope of TCDD's efforts to establish 200 logistics villages, each worth 16 million dollars. With the project planned to be built in Kovalı location, Sivas will turn into a logistics base.

We export our products to the global market in our province, which produces in many sectors from technology to automobile sub-industry, from furniture to natural stone, from textile to food. Currency to country kazanWe continue to climb. Our export figure, which was 2002 million dollars in 16, has reached 200 million dollars today. This figure may seem too small; however, between 2002 and 2015, while Turkey's exports increased approximately 4 times, Sivas's exports increased more than 10 times during this period. This situation shows that the industrialist from Sivas broke his shell and opened up to the global market. In parallel with this growth, we believe that we will reach our target of 'an industrial city with an export of 2023 billion dollars in 1'.

The products manufactured in our city are exported to 66 countries, including the People's Republic of China, Germany, the USA, Iran, Spain, Vietnam, Argentina and Sudan. The mining and natural stone sector undertakes 40 percent of the exports made from our province.

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