Ankara YHT Station to Open President and Prime Minister

Ankara YHT station will open President and Prime Minister: UDH Minister Arslan, Ankara YHT Gar's President and Prime Minister announced that the 29 will be put into service in October. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 21 October Friday construction completed in Ankara YHT Gar.
After visiting the construction area, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın and Ankara Train Station Operator (ATG) received a briefing from the Minister of Arslan, members of the press made statements.
Emphasizing that President Erdoğan and Başkaban Yıldırım are the architects of Ankara YHT Gar, Arslan emphasized that the project will be opened with their honor. They will honor us at our opening. On 29 October, we will present such a big, magnificent facility to our people, our capital, but 79 million of us with their auspicious hands. ” said.
Emphasizing that the success achieved in YHT management should be crowned in Ankara, Arslan said, “This was supposed to be crowned with a station in the center of Ankara that suits both our country and our capital and TCDD. This is what we do as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Today, we are here at the YHT station built with the first Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model of our country. ” made statements.
Structural work voicing Arslan completed the year 2, 194 460 thousand square meters with a covered area of ​​the station, is the solid basement 3, 1.910 said he could do no parking vehicle parking. Arslan, 3 platform 12 YHT will be served on the train set, 3 3 arrival 6 rail line will take place underlined.
Arslan stated that the station built with the BOT model and to be commissioned on October 29, 2016 will be operated by the operating company for 19 years and 7 months, and at the end of the operation, the station will be transferred to TCDD.
Emphasizing that she is in a modern 134-star hotel with 5 rooms in the Gar complex, Arslan continued: “We will not only see people's needs to come and stay here. If there will be meetings, seminars will be given, if there can be meetings in many rooms at the same time, we have meeting rooms designed in accordance with that concept. The largest room has a concept that can confer 400 people at the same time. There will be commercial offices again. This life as you live, where Turkey's trade at a meeting point of all around here yht find places where we will have life. In this facility, first aid will be security. Ankara YHT Gar will be integrated with Ankaray, Başkentray and Keçiören subway. It will serve not only the high-speed train but also the passengers who will use the rail transport in the city. It is possible to enter Ankara YHT Station via under and overpasses. However, the main entrance will be through Celal Bayar Boulevard. ”
Expressing that the texture of the historical station in Ankara has never been touched while doing the Ankara YHT Station, Arslan said that the suburban trains will serve in terms of urban transportation, and conventional passenger trains will continue to serve in terms of intercity cargo transportation.
Noting that YHT Station is disabled for the disabled, Arslan said, “Everything is considered for the disabled. There are two disabled lifts. One of the 27 box office's most easily accessible is a barrier-free box office for the disabled. ” he spoke.
Explaining that his colleagues, who come from the railroad tradition of 160 years, are working by adding the nights to the day, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan completed his speech as follows: We thank them very much. In the future, they will be proud of what they do today. Good luck to our country, to our people, to Ankara. ”

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