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flas osmangazi snout
flas osmangazi snout

About Osman Gazi Bridge: The construction of the Osman Gazi Bridge, which will reduce the road between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 and a half hours, has reached the final stage. The bridge is expected to open before Eid-ul-Fitr. The bridge will reduce the Izmit Bay crossing from 60 minutes to 6 minutes from Istanbul to Izmir.

Osman Gazi Bridge, which is the most important part of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway, has reached the final stage. It is reported that the parts on the bridge will be coated with a special anti-rusting paint, and then asphalting works will be started. With the asphalt of the bridge in a short time, it is planned to open to traffic before Ramadan Feast. Osman Gazi Bridge, which has the distinction of being the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world with its giant piers with a height of 252 meters and a span between two legs of 550 meters, will be opened to traffic with 65 departures, 3 arrivals and 3 service lane at an altitude of 1 meters.

A large part of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmit Highway project will be completed with the Osman Gazi Bridge, which will reduce the Izmit Bay crossing, which will take 60 minutes, and the connection roads, which will take 6 minutes from Istanbul to Izmir.

12 Billion Lira Spent

94, Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa and 87 in Gebze-Gemlik and 84 in the Kemalpaşa-İzmir section of the Gebze-Gemlik area, where the construction works are continuing, has been realized in the whole project with a ratio of 67 in the whole project. Total 7 bin 918 personnel, 634 thousand 12 billion TL including expropriations have been spent in the project in which one thousand 911 construction equipment works.

President Erdogan and former Prime Minister Davutoğlu attended the opening ceremony of the section between Izmit Bay Crossing Last Deck and Istanbul-Izmir Highway Yalova Altınova-Bursa Gemlik. President Erdogan announced that the name of the Gulf Crossing Bridge was determined as 'Osman Gazi Bridge'.

Osmangazi will add value to the region

Dilovası district of Kocaeli will become “Ortaköy of Istanbul” thanks to Osman Gazi Bridge, which is the fourth suspension bridge with the largest middle span in the world. The Izmit-Körfez crossing bridge, which constitutes the biggest leg of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced as the "Osman Gazi Bridge" after placing the last deck, will also change the face of its surroundings.

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