Yasar Celik: The ticket suffering has ended

Yasar Steel: The ticket suffered. Ticketall.com CEO Yaşar Çelik said that they have developed a system for passengers who do not want to waste time searching for tickets at an affordable price. I Biletall.coFinds cheap tickets for passengers and makes travel plans.

The common problem of travelers today is ticket suckers. No matter which way of transportation is preferred, door to door agency forces the citizen to find tickets at a reasonable price by traveling around the bus station. The ticket operations that caused a loss of time before travel, can now be solved with one click. Biletall.com, instead of the passengers, creates the most appropriate travel plan for them.

Turkey's advanced ticket sales and distribution organization Biletall.com Decision to describe the company's CEO Yasar Celik, '' the intercity bus company before starting the project, we provide software services. Therefore, we were in the travel sector itself and we saw that the passengers are wasting a lot of time on these transactions. For this purpose, we have launched Biletall 2006 in Kayseri. In 2010, we started our active marketing and sales activities, '' he said.

Emphasizing the leadership in the transportation industry, Çelik stated that they offer the most suitable ticket alternatives for passengers traveling in Turkey and abroad. Steel, '' After creating our online ticket sales page, we wanted to include agencies. Because travel agencies were wasting a lot of time making deals with individual firms. So we went to them and you will come to agreement with the individual companies to be our agency said. This is their job. Because this cooperation has reduced the costs of agencies. As of now, we are working with more than one agency 1300''he said.

In the sector, more than 950 online ticket sales site, which stating that the infrastructure has been created by Biletall.com Celik, thus, has created its competitors and broadened the market said. Noting that there is not a company that offers the same service with the presence of competitors, however, Çelik said: an The sites in the sector are lean and sell bus tickets. We are the first and only concept online ticket sales company where passengers can buy bus, airplane and sea bus tickets. Our negotiations with TCDD continue. Recently all city and intercity railways tickets will be sold online, '' he said.

In Turkey, about 250 million yearly bus tickets, airfare million 170, 60 million IDO ticket, train ticket sold 20 million. The average rate of sales of these tickets from online ticket portals is 3. In the coming years, this rate is expected to reach 18. 2016 525 891 34 ticket sales by performing, 736 million 160 thousand pounds have achieved turnover. Our endorsement to the end of the year, XNUMX million pounds.

Passengers who prefer Biletall.com on their travels receive discounts up to% 40 at certain times. In addition, Biletall.com offers its customers 7 / 24 call center service, be accessible on all platforms, the users of the reservation reminder, weather, where you have to send a lot of information as well as travel information is different than the competitors.

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