Malta Transport Minister Admires Railways Museum

joe mizzi
joe mizzi

Malta Transport and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi was the guest of TCDD. Malta's Transport and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi stated that he was very impressed by the Railways Museum, where objects belonging to all stages of the history of the railways, “The Railways Museum fascinated me. " said.

coming to Turkey for an official visit to Malta Transport and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi, it was the guest of TCDD on March 30 2016. Mr. Mizzi, who was welcomed by Deputy General Manager İsmail Murtazaoğlu, used the Atatürk House and Railways Museum and the Atatürk Vagon, which Atatürk used in his country trips.

Receiving information about the High Speed ​​Train Projects, Deputy General Manager İsmail Murtazaoğlu, Mizzi also signed a memo book in the VIP Hall and made evaluations about his visit.


Reminding that there is no railway in Malta, Mizzi emphasized that there must be a railway in the transportation system.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure for Malta, Joe Mizzi said, ken I was very impressed by the history of the War of Independence. This is where both the history of railways and the decisions about the country. It's also a place of communication. Communication was very difficult at that time, you know. But the existing communication network seems sufficient for that time. The works related to communication fascinated me. It was a very interesting visit for me. Benim


Malta, which consists of three large and two small islands in the south of Sicily in the Central Mediterranean, still does not have a railway network.

In 1883 the Malta Railways company operated the 11.2 km railway line between Valletta and Mdina. However, the railway company was closed with the bankruptcy.

In 1892, the re-opened railway line was closed in 1931 for economic reasons and converted into a highway.



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