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📩 09/12/2018 16:56

AŞTİ trial: Following the publication of the tender for the new bus terminal to be made to Mamak in the Official Gazette, Ankara Intercity Bus Operators and Agencies Association filed a lawsuit for 'cancellation'. Mustafa Tekeli, President of the Association, said: olarak Mamak is a district that has never passed a bus in front of it. Kör It's a blind spot in terms of bus. Otobüs

Metropolitan Municipality, the new Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (ASTI) planned to be moved to Mamak. Following the announcement of the tender published in the Official Gazette, the Ankara Intercity Bus Operators and Agencies Association, which has previously filed a 'cancellation case' against the 'move' decisions taken in the Metropolitan Council, applied for the cancellation of the tender. Mustafa Tekeli, the chairman of the association, stated that they are examining the tender specifications and said:, It is not stated how many years the company will receive the concession to operate the bus terminal. There is also no project to do.. Ankara Hurriyet talking to Tekeli, summarized as follows:
Daha There were earlier parliamentary decisions on this area. One of these Parliamentary decisions was to issue the precedent there from 1 to 1.3. The other was making changes to the plan notes. We had sued the Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of these. Last week on Thursday, the Metropolitan Municipality launched the new terminal area. We also received the tender specifications. In the specification, it is not stated how many years the company will receive a concession to operate the bus terminal. If the company says '25 yearbook' to the company, it makes its account accordingly. There's no such thing. There is no project to do. We have sued for the cancellation of this.


ASTI position of Turkey at the moment, businesses and bus station is the best in terms of customer satisfaction. In his speeches, our Mayor Mr. Gökçek says that 'The capacity of AŞTİ is not enough' but it is not the case. I think our president is misinformed. There are 200 companies in AŞTİ. Daily thousand 400 bus is doing input-output. It is not based on the capacity limit. It is very good to have a connection to Ankaray and to be at the intersection of Konya Highway and Eskişehir Highway. In addition, Tandogan High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station is being done. We need to be close to the bus that can get off the bus, the bus to get off the train.


In Mamak, the location is a district that never passes buses in front of it. Buses used extensively in Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Eskişehir-İzmir direction. Our buses are mainly going west. When it comes to the west, it is spreading towards Samsun and Konya Yolu. Or it ends in Ankara. That region (Mamak) is the blind spot in terms of auto-utility. In our opinion, it is better for the citizen if ASTİ stays where it is. If ASTI has to be carried by the province, it may be the region which was previously considered as terminal and terminal on the Bağlıca side of Etimesgut. Or on the airport YHT line, the Ministry of Transportation has a rail system operation. It may be on the Pursaklar Ring Road side. Both our rail system connection, YHT and our airport connection will be. Hem


7 in the Official Gazette According to the announcement for the new terminal area in Mamak, published in April, the tender will be held in April at 21.
The closed envelope method and the area to be sold in cash are required to be completed within two years and to make terminal facilities. The price of the 99 square meter in the Mamak Üreğil neighborhood is 300 million 59 thousand TL.

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