Moved to Istanbul in the City Moved to the Assembly

Moved to Istanbul to reach the Assembly Moved to the City: Istanbul, metro, metrobus, bus and tram lifts to raise the agenda of the Assembly was moved. Tanrıkulu from CHP asked why the hike did not exist
CHP Istanbul deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in writing by the Presidency of the Parliament asked questions to be answered in writing. Ecek According to IETT's new tariff announcement, 31 2016 from January 170 will pay 185 liras for the full 77 liras and the student card for 80 liras to 2.30. The first boarding pass will be 1.15, and the student will be on 1. Metrobüs boarding fee 3-1.80 1.00 stop between the stops and students will be XNUMX lira.
Ut What is the rationale for raising public wages in Istanbul? As the price of gasoline continues to fall, the basis of the hike is explained?
Civil servants, workers, who cannot take a hike in inflation; while the non-profit organization is basing on its increase?
What is the number of citizens with full card and student card in Istanbul? What is the number of citizens using a full card and student card per month? What is the annual income and expense of IETT? What constitutes the biggest expense item?
Is it not possible for the IETT to subsidize the increased expenses in any other way than the hike? Will the hikes to public wage fees be canceled? Is there a study for free use of public transport by students? Öğ
The most expensive city in Europe
The minimum wage is 1458 Euro. The capital of France is Paris 1.80. With a Parisian minimum wage, 810 is able to use public transportation once. This number is higher in Berlin, Germany. The minimum wage in Germany is Euro 1473. In Berlin, the public transportation fee is 1,60 euro. In other words, a German from Berlin can use the 920 for buses and subways.
Considering all these numbers, Istanbulites kazanThey use Europe's most expensive public transportation in terms of the price they pay and the money they spend on the road.

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