Special season opening for students at Yalnızçam

Special season opening for students in Yalnızçam: A special season was opened for students at the ski center in Ardahan due to the semester break.

The season was opened for students at Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan due to the semester break.

The students who came to the field with Turkish flags opened the season under the snow with Governor Ahmet Deniz and Mayor Faruk Köksoy.

Governor Deniz, in his speech here, said that they had opened the skiing season before, but today they are organizing special programs for students.

Stating that the season was "in complete abundance" due to the snowfall, Deniz said:

“There is a really nice snowfall. The center, declared as a tourism area, is a very important value for Ardahan. This is in the Eastern Anatolia winter corridors region. We want everyone to ski in Ardahan, but especially for our children to ski. Because our goal is big. Maybe we'll make champions around here. Each sport is beautiful for us, but skiing is a little better. Because there are opportunities and potential in this direction for our region. "

Deniz noted that Ardahan has a different beauty in winter as well as in spring.

Köksoy emphasized that Yalnızçam has an important potential for the future of the region.

Later, children slipped with Turkish flags under heavy snow.

- Barbecue pleasure after skiing

Deniz and Köksoy made a barbecue with the students later.

Serving students with barbecue dishes, Deniz said, “Today, this activity and treat is special for you. We opened the season specially for you. We want you to enjoy your vacation as you deserve. You deserve it very much. You are our future. Investment in you is an investment in the future. Be successful, support and contribution from us ”he said.

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