Nemrut Bay Railway Connection Construction Tender Result

Nemrut Bay Railway Connection Construction Tender was realized by the General Directorate of State Railways.
Construction of Nemrut Bay Railway Connection was tendered with open tender procedure in accordance with Article 4734 of Public Procurement Law No. 19. RayHaberAccording to the information received by the tenderers and their bids (TL):
1-ARC Construction 6.464.700,00 TL
2-Tur Construction + Menga Construction Partnership 7.074.428,43 TL
3-Maviray Railway Construction 7.487.055,24 TL
4-Detvar Construction 7.589.693,40 TL
5-Küçükaksoy Construction 7.870.474,62 TL
6-Tiska Construction + OKN Construction Partnership 7.977.224,44 TL
7-Sigma Construction + Delsan Construction Partnership 8.640.438,02 TL
8-Technical Rail Systems 8.670.368,68 TL
9-EmreRay 8.743.229,78 TL
10-E + M 10.875.000,02 TL
11-Yapıray Railway Construction + Uzka Construction Partnership 13.932.844,87 TL

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