Snow Rafting Course in Erzurum

Rafting Erzurum Snow Tracks: Erzurum is one of Turkey's major ski centers Konaklı Ski Center, domestic and snow rafting to spend their holidays with colorful activities of foreign tourist track was prepared.

In Erzurum, which has made a name for itself with the investments made in winter tourism and visited by thousands of tourists every year, different activities are being signed in addition to skiing to attract local and foreign tourists.

One kilometer-long snow rafting course, designed to provide holidaymakers with different activities in the ski center at 25 kilometers from the city center, will offer guests high adrenaline entertainment.

The snow rafting runway, which is ready for the completion of the infrastructure works, will be offered to the holidaymakers with the opening to be held in the following days.

Palandöken and Konakli Ski Centers Operations Manager Cem Hit Show, AA said in a statement to reporters in Erzurum ski not only in Turkey, he said that with the world's leading centers.

Vuraler stated that they have made the runways very well with the works they carried out in Konaklı and Palandöken this year.

Vuraler stated that Konaklı is a beautiful ski resort with the quality of snow with the world's only runways and that it offers different activities to its guests as well as skiing, as in Palandöken.

Or People outside the ski resort are looking for alternatives when they come to the ski resort. When these alternatives are available, people are having fun when it comes to ski resorts. Snow rafting is one of them. When skiers see snow rafting in ski resorts and spend time there and tell them, the number of customers will increase. Last year we temporarily determined a place to observe the interest of visitors in the snow rafting had. When we saw the interest of the customers, we decided to prepare such a runway. We have prepared the infrastructure of the snow rafting by making infrastructure work. We have prepared a runway near about 1 kilometers. We will also be inaugurated in the coming weeks. Ön

entry into service of snow rafting slopes here with Snow White-water rafting in Turkey Championship were planning to carry out another first by organizing save the Hit Show, sporting provincial representatives for it and loved climber with the words planning they did.