The 3 in Palandeck is hanging in the ski lift for an hour

They hung in the chairlift for 3 hours in Palandöken: In Palandöken, when the chairlift broke down, they waited for 3 hours to be rescued in the air.

Skiers stuck in the chairlift that broke down in Palandöken were lowered with ropes. Some of those who stayed in the chairlift for about 3 hours reacted, while others noted that such events could happen. The ski lift of a hotel in Palandöken Ski Center failed at 15.00 when the ski slope was the busiest. Approximately 26 skiers, including women and children, were stranded at a height of meters in the chairlift.

During the hours when the air temperature dropped to below 5 degrees below zero, technical officers were mobilized to fix the lift in the chairlift. The officials tried to go up to the poles and fix the malfunction, and to those who were stranded, “Don't be alarmed. We will save you in a short time, ”said morale. However, when the malfunction could not be eliminated, those who were stranded in the chairlift were lowered one by one by the rescue teams of the hotels. Downhill skiers were applauded by their relatives who were waiting for them while they were taking a deep oh. Due to technical malfunction, the children remained in the chair lift. Recovery work was done with a very primitive system in our opinion.

This 3-hour incident made us forget the pleasure of the holiday. ” Some Russians, who were lowered by ropes by the officers, went into a laugh with their friends. The Russians, who said that they had an unforgettable moment for themselves, said, “We spent 3 hours full of adrenaline. It was an unforgettable excitement for us. ”Hotel officials stated that there was no injury in the incident and said,“ There was a technical malfunction in the facility. Both our own rescue team and the 20-person professional team from other hotels have lowered the leftovers one by one. Some skiers were affected by the cold. Thank God no one's nose bleed. ”


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