Mayor Yılmaz explained the details of Bolu cable car project

Mayor Bolu explained the details of the cable car project: Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz explained the details of the ropeway project, which he emphasized while preparing the tourism future of the city. Yilmaz visited our newspaper. Uz We are planning the future of Bolu, not today. Our only goal is to have healthy tourism investments in the future of Bolu. Tek

Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yilmaz visited our newspaper yesterday. Mayor Yilmaz, Bolu's important place in the future, and in the last days talked about the kind of speculation of the cable car will go to Golcuk found.

Yilmaz said that there was no inconsistency between the facility project and the ropeway project of Büyük Abant Hotel to Gölcük. There is a mismatch between the project of Büyük Abant Hotel and our project but we have compression. So when we build the ropeway, the hotel needs to be pulled a little further north so that it can be opened and relaxed. In this way, the structure of the plant and the ropeway to be compatible with each other. This ropeway will mainly use the facility's customers. Therefore, this project is not Bolu Municipality's Bolu project. All customers coming to the facility to be built by Büyük Abant Hotel in Gölcük will use this cable car to Gölcük. Therefore, the cable car is also the cable car of Büyük Abant Hotel. The hotel, Karacasu Municipality, Bolu Municipality, the technical staff of the Provincial Special Administration Bolu's future projects such as to align with each other has tasks, "he said.


Yılmaz said that it was not a problem for the cable car feet to coincide with the facility to be built by Abant Hotel. Değil Boredom is not the ropeway feet. You need a parking space because you have to ride your car and go up the cable car to go up the cable car. They will use this park to arrive at both the lift and the hotel. This park is also a common park because it will be very important for the facility.


Since the institutions in Bolu did not consult with each other and were not able to plan properly, there were always mistakes. Studies should be the studies that anticipate the future tourism plans of the city rather than commercial mantle. In the future tourism activities of the city, institutions may not make much profit. They can even provide support by investing. But if you do not direct the institutions in the sense of everyday material benefit, this is the reason for our friction with the governors in the past.

We are gathered with the authorities and the mayor of Karacasu is ready to give all the support as he is directly responsible. The first plan is to consider the ropeway to go up to Gölcük. But our main goal; Aladağlar and Kartalkaya to go up. We're not thinking about them now, because these are things that can be done in the future. Today we have no power to take the cable car to Aladağlar and Kartalkaya.

We told the owners of Abant Hotel that they could do the ropeway and operate them. But if you say that we do not have the power işi Bolu Municipality as a partnership with this business we do ümüz We said. We, as Bolu Municipality, are on the right side of planning the right future for Bolu's tourism future. If we have a load on us, we are ready to receive.


Public information about this issue is spreading wrong. The reason for this is that people act with stuffed things without questioning or asking. There are rumors that Bolu Municipality wants land. As well as you know that we do not need land as a municipality and these events do not have anything to do with the municipality. I am a man who loves Bolu as well as being a city of tourism in the future. I don't know how much I need parking there. It is a decision of the authorities in the landscaping. So we don't have a request. You need a reasonable parking space and it is not an area we will use in the parking area, it is a parking facility to use and a car park to use for the ski lifts. It's not a parking garage for a car. We give our opinion, money, or political power to us.

The cable car will be out of there. Otherwise studies do not appear rantable. The ropeway should not be an image pollution and it should be like the property of that facility. Because everyone who comes to the facility will use it to go out to the pool. If the owners of the hotel are financially troubles, we have to cooperate and give support. If we're doing all the ropeway, then we'il do it. Our only goal is to have a healthy tourism investment in the future of Bolu.

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