Erzincan to be Introduced at Emitt Fair

Erzincan is being introduced at the Emitt Fair: EMİTT, which is among the 5 biggest tourism fairs of the world, was presented to the attention of the visitors with the opening ceremony held in Istanbul.

EMİTT, which is among the 5 biggest tourism exhibitions in the world, was presented to the attention of the visitors with the opening ceremony held in Istanbul. The fair, which directs the tourism sector, was opened by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Mahir Ünal. While participating in the EMITT 2015 Fair with Erzincan, Kemah, Kemaliye and Refahiye districts, the local products of the province as well as cultural and historical textures were also introduced at the fair. Ergan Mountain Ski Resort was promoted for ski lovers in a separate stand established in the province of Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities. The Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT), which was opened for the 20th time this year at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center and will remain open between 28-31 January, 11 thousand 4 companies participated in 500 halls. Stands of Kemah, Kemaliye and Refahiye districts were set up at the EMITT Fair where the cultural and tourism values ​​of the countries and provinces were promoted, under the coordination of the Erzincan Governorship, with the organization of the Provincial Directorate of Culture. In addition to the stand that includes tulum cheese, copper and local foods, unique to Erzincan, a separate stand was set up where the Ergan Mountain Ski Center was promoted. In addition to Culture and Tourism Minister Mahir Ünal, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Erzincan Governor Süleyman Kahraman, Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, Deputy Governor Fatih Kaya, Provincial General Assembly President Ünal Tuygun, Culture and Tourism Director Şerif Akbina, Local Administrations Director Salih Kara, district governors and mayors, as well as officials attended.

Thousands of citizens who came to visit the fair on the first day of the EMITT Fair had the opportunity to see the cultural and tourism activities carried out in the regions and taste the local flavors of the provinces by visiting the stands of the countries and provinces. Governor Süleyman Kahraman and Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, who hosted the guests in Erzincan stands, were closely interested in the guests. The Erzincan Fair tourism, stands for the promotion of cultural and regional food is created and by contributing to the promotion of Erzincan fairs, further process the tourists arrive, the Mayor pointed out that making a significant contribution in terms of Cemalettin Başsoy, "EMİTT fair was the pride of Turkey now. As Erzincan residents, we, as Erzincan province, opened our stands here together with our Governor as the Municipality, together with our 3 districts and we are trying to introduce our Erzincan to the whole world in order to reflect our own culture, our own traditions and customs here. Of course, the purpose of these fairs is; To deliver your local products, tourism and culture to the whole world. Giving a message. As an Erzincan, we represent this in the best way possible. We have local products here. Here is Erzincan's famous tulum cheese. We have presentations about it. Erzincan's wrapper is famous. Erzincan's honey is famous. Its nature, cultural and tourism assets are very famous. Erzincan is also a very suitable province for paragliding. Mountaineering is a very suitable province. It is a very suitable province for off-road tourism. It is one of the rare provinces that can be done in many nature tourism like this. I invite our countrymen at home and abroad to Erzincan. It is one of the cities where they will experience the best summer and winter tourism. There are not only people from the country who visit the fair here. We have many people visiting the fair from abroad. I believe that tourists will change their decisions especially after visiting these stands. Everybody will see and watch that Erzincan, together with our Ergan Ski Center, is truly a livable city that can be visited and seen in terms of tourism. " He gave place to his statements.

Governor Süleyman Kahraman who invited the guests visiting Erzincan stands to see nature, history and cultural notables saying 'Erzincan is not explained, Erzincan is lived', emphasized that activities are carried out to attract tourists to Erzincan by making a good introduction at EMİTT Fair. Governor Süleyman Kahraman, who visited the stands of Erzincan local products with the guests, beat tattoos, processed copper and served Erzincan Tulum Cheese to the guests. In his statement about the fair, Governor Süleyman Kahraman said: “Erzincan has such beautiful places to be seen, it has history and tourism. Erzincan is a treasure. Erzincan has many beautiful places to see. We have an Ergan mountain, we have a ski and tourism center. We have Kemaliye district. Erzincan has famous copper and tulum cheese. We also exhibit all the beauties of Erzincan in this ski center in Erzincan. I can claim that there is only one ski center in the world that combines skiing, traditional values ​​and culture with the ski center in the world and that is in Erzincan. This year, we opened our ski resort with a new concept, a new understanding. People can see everything of Erzincan in the ski center. Finally I want to say this; Erzincan is unexplained and lived. " He made an explanation in the form. While thousands of local and foreign tourists are expected to show interest in the EMITT Fair, which will remain open until January 31, the local products offered for sale at the stands attract the attention of the guests.

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