The total length of the bridge in Turkey has reached 465 kilometers

The total length of the bridge in Turkey has reached 465 kilometers: Number of bridges 7 thousand 879 in Turkey, reached the total length of 465 kilometers,
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is one of the most important transportation projects of the last period, and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which has been operating on the Gulf Crossing Bridge, reached a giant figure with the last 13 bridges. Since the 2002, the construction of a thousand 154 bridges of approximately 912 kilometers has been completed. In addition to the total number of bridges 13 has been repaired and repaired 837 bridge, 434 bridge restoration application project and 178 bridge restoration application works have been completed. According to the latest data, the total number of bridges currently used is 7 bin 879, and the total length of these bridges is 465 kilometers. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications aims to reach the total length of 2023 kilometers along with 9 bin 71 bridges and viaducts within the scope of 573 targets. Some of the ongoing bridge works are as follows:
Kömürhan Bridge: The 660 bridge is on the Elazığ-Malatya road. Studies are scheduled to be completed in 2017 in September.
Hasankeyf 1 and 2 Bridges: Bridges will be built on Batman-Hasankeyf road. In general, one of the bridges expected to be a hybrid bridge will be 465 and the other one will be a thousand 83 meters long. The bridges are planned to be completed in July.
Şehzadeler Bridge: The construction of the bridge in Amasya will be about 500 meters. Bridge work is expected to be completed in this year.
İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge: The bridge between Istanbul and Izmir is expected to be reduced to approximately 3.5 hour. The world's largest mid-span bridges 4'nın hanging bridge, insulation, asphalt construction and other productions are planned to be opened in April this year after construction.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge:
Works on the bridge will be the 3 throat bridge of Istanbul. The bridge is the world's widest bridge with 59 lane width and 4 lane on it. The bridge will be the longest bridge in the world, with rail on the main opening of a thousand 408 meters. In addition, the height of the 320 meter with the highest tower in the world will take the title of suspension bridge. The bridge is scheduled to end this summer.



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