Trabzon delegation has tested high-speed train

Trabzon delegation has approved the high-speed train tested: Trabzon delegation loved the high-speed train eni And, lad We should make a lot of effort to bring to Trabzon, eti he said ..

The kas International Conference on Citizens Participation in Local Decision Making Processes and International Sustainability and Sustainability Conference-was held in Istanbul.

Trabzon Trabzon, Trabzon City Council Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Akkaya, Trabzon City Council Secretary Ali Ayvazoglu attended.

The guests, who listened to the speakers, then got on the high speed train on the Eskişehir line. Mustafa Akkaya shared photos from the train, “We tested and approved the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). We should try harder to come to Trabzon as soon as possible ”.

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  1. high speed train can not test.To be able to test; train road vehicle, speed safety comfort etc etc to know how to understand grekir..haber or new should be written according to him