Samsun rail system line will extend to tekkeköy

Samsun rail system line will extend to tekkeköy: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said that the construction of the rail system from the station to Tekkeköy was carried out with the support of a small subcontractor and that there is no obstacle to the works anymore.

Stating that there are no obstacles in front of Tekkeköy rail system construction, Mr. Yilmaz said, lı We have been continuing the construction of the rail system for a period of 1.5 from Gar to Tekkeköy with the support of small subcontractors without making any tender. 2 grain viaduct was needed at the Junction of Kılıçdede and behind Çaykur. Each of the viaducts was 7-8 million TL viaducts. We removed them from the tender package and made a separate 2 tender. The construction of viaducts is delayed in this type of construction. In the meantime, we made the tender, but there were objections to the Public Procurement Authority. Anyone who cannot or cannot take the tender is scoring the area. When they complained to the Public Procurement Authority, the procurement agency did not approve the tender and received our defenses. We received news last night and our auctions were approved. In the morning we ordered the contractor to start his work. Deaf Olympiad to be held in the next year 1.5. No more obstacles in front of the project. It was our job to find the money only when they started these jobs. Sadece

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