IMM's 2016 budget approved

The 2016 budget of IMM was approved: The 16 budget of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council, which was determined as 100 billion 2016 million lira, was approved. The budget was announced as 24 billion lira with ISKI and IETT, and the consolidated budget, including company turnovers, was 38 billion 600 million lira.

Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş presented the 2016 budget to the Municipal Council. Speaking at the parliament, Topbaş said that the international credit rating agency FITCH has raised the long-term credit rating of IMM, while the Japanese credit rating agency JCR has shown IMM as the highest investment grade category. Topbaş noted that the latest credit ratings clearly show that Istanbul is an investment city.

Stating that they are taking firm steps towards the future by improving their budgets with each passing year, Topbaş announced that the budget of IMM will be 2016 billion 16 thousand lira for 100, 24 billion lira together with ISKI and IETT, and the consolidated budget including company turnover will be 38 billion 600 million lira. Topbaş said, “In the 11 years I was in office, we invested 69,4 billion TL in Istanbul. In 2016, we will invest a total of 16 billion 300 million TL. At the end of next year, our total investments will reach 97,6 billion liras, ”he said.

  • The largest share

Noting that there are transportation problems in all developed cities, Kadir Topbaş emphasized that they allocate the biggest share in the budget to improve the public transportation systems of Istanbul. Stating that they will make an investment of 8 billion 42 million TL in transportation, Topbaş stated that they allocate 5 billion 818 million TL to environmental investments, and that investments in culture and arts, health and social assistance will continue to increase.

Topbas, said:

“At the end of next year, 7 million people will be able to use rail systems daily in Istanbul. By the end of 2019, Istanbul will be a city where 11 million people use daily rail systems. I want to give you some good news. Ümraniye with the 13-kilometer Ataköy-İkitelli Metro passing through Bakırköy, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece and Başakşehir, Kadıköy The tender and contract processes of the 13-kilometer Bostancı-Dudullu Metro, which passes through and Ataşehir, have been completed and will start the construction phase as of next week. "

Emphasizing that Istanbul will have a 2019 kilometer rail system at the end of 483, Topbaş stated that they aim to start the construction of 2016 metro lines by making a historical move in rail systems in 10. Pointing out that concrete steps will be taken in 2016 separate metro lines and 3-storey Tube Passage Project for the 2rd Airport in 3, Topbaş emphasized that they increased the rail system line from 45 kilometers to 145 kilometers when they took office. Topbaş noted the following:

“As the municipality, our 49-kilometer subway construction continues. With the 72-kilometer metro lines that the Ministry of Transport has started to build, the construction of a total of 121 kilometers of rail system in Istanbul continues rapidly. With the recently completed 27-kilometer line, the 102-kilometer line, on which we are preparing for the tender, and the 88-kilometer line, on which the Ministry of Transport continues the tender preparations, are 190 kilometers. The total length of all these lines is 483 kilometers. When all these lines are completed, Istanbul will become a modern city that is mostly traveled underground. Even now, around 10 thousand people work underground for subways and wastewater tunnels. "

Topbaş pointed out that they will start the Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tramway, which is between these 10 lines, in 2016, and that there will be a bicycle path next to the line. Topbaş said, "Thus, a very different texture free of buses will emerge on this route".

Kadir Topbaş, among the lines that will start to be built in 2016, are "Göztepe-Ataşehir-Ümraniye", "Çekmeköy -Sultanbeyli", "Çekmeköy-Taşdelen-Yenidoğan", "Kaynarca-Tuzla", "Pendik - Kaynarca", "Bağcılar - Halkalı”,“ Başakşehir- Kayaşehir ”,“ Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir ”,“ Yenikapı - Sefaköy ”,“ Eminönü - Alibeyköy ”(tram).

Stating that they have commissioned 3 tunnel roads in Istanbul and there are relief in traffic in these regions, Topbaş said that they will start 5 new tunnel projects in order to continue these investments and to ease the highways. Topbaş stated that these tunnel projects are between Dolmabahçe - Levazım, Levazım - Baltalimanı, Baltalimanı - Ayazağa, Ayazağa - Çayırbaşı, Sarıyer - Zekeriyaköy.

  • ISKI energy will produce

Kadir Topbaş described the fact that İSKİ, which is the biggest energy consumer due to the electricity used in water and waste water treatment, will produce its own energy as another historical step for Istanbul. Stating that İSKİ, which consumes 380 million TL of energy annually, consumes as much as the city of Edirne, said, “With the project we will start in 2016, İSKİ will start to generate energy by establishing wind and solar power plants. We never make water cuts, with some political or other considerations. We bear the responsibility of serving wherever people are. Most of these water cuts are due to power cuts. Therefore, İSKİ bought giant generators in order not to fall into these troubles again ”.

Stating that Istanbul's dams are full, Topbaş said that the Melen 3 Transmission Line and the Melen Dam will be completed by the end of 2016, and that they have started work to obtain drinking water from sea water in order to bring advanced water technology to Istanbul. Noting that they will make the tender for this in the near future, Topbaş said, “As Istanbul, let's catch this technology. Let our universities develop in this field, and this work will be the best part of Turkey in the future climate crisis. kazanWe want it to be true," he said.

Underlining that they have made huge investments regarding the environment, Topbaş said that the biggest environmental investment, unknown to anyone, is the expropriations in the ISKI basins. Emphasizing that approximately 1994 million square meters of land has been saved and greened since 30, Topbaş said that they spent 2 billion lira for expropriation without even calculating the value increases, by demolishing 200 thousand 3 buildings in their period.

  • Biological Treatment Plant

Noting that 2016 will be a full revenue year for advanced biological treatment plants, Topbaş noted that Büyükçekmece, Selimpaşa-Silivri and Çanta advanced biological treatment facilities will be activated next year. Stating that there will be tenders for advanced biological treatment plants in Tuzla, Baltalimanı and Yenikapı, Topbaş said, “Cleaning of the seas and streams of the city is very important for the improvement of the quality of life. Our fishermen say that because of this cleaning, the fish flows in our seas are much better than in the past. "Thanks to the tunnel we opened in Baltalimanı, you can see that currently fish are caught from the beach in the Golden Horn," he said.

Stating that they have made significant progress in stream rehabilitation, Topbaş said that 2004 kilometers of creek rehabilitation was carried out until 251, that they performed 11,5 kilometers of creek rehabilitation in 189 years and that the improvement work of 90 kilometers of creeks was continuing.

  • Kurbağalıdere studies

Stating that the rehabilitation works of Kurbağalıdere is approaching to the end, Topbaş stated that they have built tunnels with TBM machines like making a subway underground, that they have spent 185 million lira in the rehabilitation work and that the work will cost 364 million lira in total.

Topbas, a new landmark for Istanbul in solid waste disposal technology, stating that, said:

“We have reached the final stage for the Odayeri Solid Waste Incinerator, which contains technology in developed countries, especially in Japan, America and Germany. Here, 3 thousand tons of solid waste will be disposed per day without harming the environment. The electricity needs of 1,5 million people and half of the heating need of the 3rd Airport will be met with the energy produced. The contribution of this environmentalist project to the economy will be enormous. We will increase the number of these facilities in the future. "

  • Environmental investments

Topbaş said, “We will create an environmentally friendly work by making the İSKİ building, which was demolished in Aksaray, under the parking lot and the top is parked,” said Topbaş, adding that they also demolished the buildings on the land opposite Maçka Küçükçiflik Park and this land will also be a green area. “We also have a project related to Küçükçiflik Park. I express that we foresee no building in that valley, ”said Topbaş, saying:

“Çırpıcı Park has also been put into service as a huge park opened to the public at very high prices. This understanding will continue in 2016. As stated by our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, our project work on at least 5 new parks in Istanbul, each of which is 200 square meters of green space above the parking lot, continues. These parks, which we will build in some areas within the dense building islands, can be combined to reach 10 thousand square meters. In these areas, breathing spaces will emerge by making urban transfers without hurting anyone. Concrete steps were taken for these places where people can rest and breathe and children can play. 2016 will be very important developments in this area as well. We will also present İGDAŞ, the brand value of Istanbul, to the people of Istanbul. You will have priority subscribers in a method not available in the world. We will open this company to our people with a revolutionary decision. As the time comes, we will share our other companies with our people. "

  • Istanbul card becomes electronic money card

Stating that IMM companies will also sign many innovations in 2016, Topbaş emphasized that Belbim will turn into an electronic money card of Istanbulkart. Topbaş said, “It is not a credit card, but a card that can be passed anywhere like a wallet or cash. “With this card, our people will be able to shop easily anywhere”.

Explaining that İmar AŞ will turn into a real estate investment partnership company and that they have taken steps related to this, Topbaş said that Halk Ekmek will produce bread from sourdough, they will start the construction of 6 new pocket car parks, they will build a nostalgic paddle-wheel boat operated by Beltur, and this will provide restaurants and cafes services for Istanbul residents. He said he could also travel nostalgic by ferry. Underlining that IMM takes care to work to provide the best service and make people more happy, Topbaş said that Kiptaş also set a target of 2016 thousand housing in 10.

  • Urban transformation

Explaining that IMM has prepared a Strategic Plan with ITU on urban transformation, Topbaş said, “We are making an implementation-oriented master plan. "We will take steps for a planned, scientific and decent urban transformation, not an ordinary, spontaneous urban transformation."

Stating that they will prepare the Lighting Master Plan to make the night view of Istanbul much more beautiful, Topbaş said that such a study is needed to make the city a city that reflects more beautifully from different points, especially monumental buildings and historical artifacts.

Stating that Istanbul has made serious progress in tourism, 12 million tourists a year are not enough, Kadir Topbaş announced that they will establish a congress and fair campus in Istanbul to exceed 20 million tourists. Stating that this campus, where people will come with their families, will be a first and a model in the world, Topbaş said:

“We are establishing Miniaworld in Yenikapı, twice the size of Miniatürk. Projecting finished. Again, to carry Feshane events to Yenikapı, we will set up a modern tent of 9 thousand square meters that can be divided when necessary. This area, which will host fairs and exhibitions, will also be the center of events. We are starting the construction of Topkapı City Museum. Restoration of Tekfur Palace and Anemas Dungeons is over. We aimed to open these places to tourism by making museums. At the point where Haliç Shipyard is located, we have reached the final stage in the project of our work to establish a Science and Technology Museum. We are also expanding the free internet available in parks and squares for Istanbulites and tourists. All of our buses will have free internet. "

  • 1000 new bus

Stating that they will reduce the passenger density and open new lines by purchasing 2016 more buses to Istanbul in 1000, Topbaş said that a unit that repairs the vehicles used by disabled citizens also provides service.

Topbas, one of the side of the ship re-inviting the Beltur company as a nostalgia restaurant by making the ring on the throat of the people who want to travel, the cafeteria will be able to get a project from the cafeteria said.

Following Topbaş's speech, the representatives of the parties with a group in the Municipal Council expressed their views on the 2016 Budget of the IMM. Topbaş, who took the stage again, responded to the criticism.

The 2016 Budget of the IMM, which was voted at the end of the evaluations, was approved with 154 acceptance and 62 rejection votes.

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