Introduction of Piltech Battery Battery and Electro-Mobility Fair

Piltech Battery Battery Battery and Electro-Mobility Fair Presentation was held: Electric vehicles use of environmentally sensitive both in Turkey and in today increased rapidly all over the world and promotion of sustainable Piltech Fair revealed a new understanding of energy 9. The international logitrans were held at the Transport Logistics Fair.

Istanbul Expo Center 16. The attention of the press, the non-governmental organizations, universities and the sector has been great.

Kurul Nowadays, electric bicycles and electric cars are spreading at a dizzying speed, batteries are produced and charging stations are installed. Eye-catching clear that the development of this sector in Turkey as well, creating an economy. "Said Director of Trade Director Altınay Singles, the words continued as follows:

Dün The use of electric motors with the highest environmental sensitivity in automotive products is promising for the future of the world. Here, Piltech will focus on the use of batteries and batteries in the most general way, as well as charging, repair, maintenance, waste management, especially electric cars and vehicles. Piltech is a fair that has been realized after detailed and rigorous works on EKO Fair Organization as well as other fairs. Piltech is a great opportunity to bring all players in the industry together with qualified visitors and develop new business relationships by bringing a new breath to the sector. Pil

Piltech Battery Battery and Electro-Mobility Fair

Turkey and 4-hour flight Piltech in the case of about a half billion inhabitants of the region's first and only instance in distance Battery Battery Battery and Electro-Mobility Fair ', 16 - 18 November 2016 between IFC in Yesilköy (Istanbul Expo Center) 11 number hallway tirex Tires and Technologies Fair. At the same time, International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair will be held in 9 and 10 halls. The fair includes electric cars, energy storage systems, technologies, energy storage system components, materials, equipment, test / control measuring devices, recycling and waste management and a wide range of products and services in the service chain.

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