An international ski resort in the Eastern Black Sea Region

International ski center to the Eastern Black Sea: 3 kilometers away from the city center of Gümüşhane, works for the construction of an internationally-qualified Süleymaniye Winter Sports and Tourism Center have been accelerated

The works for the Süleymaniye Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which will be held internationally, will be carried out on an international basis.

In the center of Gumushane, the infrastructure of the center to be established near Suleymaniye Mahallesi, which has many historical buildings, continues.

The project, which was approved a while ago, is located at a distance of 3 from the city center. 18 Olympic sports to be established in the area where the sport can be done in the specified areas, the speed of the work to be completed as soon as possible.

The center, which will contribute greatly to the winter tourism of the Eastern Black Sea, will have international qualities. The center will offer tourists the opportunity to meet with the historical fabric and do various winter sports, especially skiing.

- "Transfer processes are about to be completed"

Gumushane Governor Yucel Yavuz, with the accompanying delegation, found in the area to be done in the center.

Yavuz, who received information from the authorities about the planned ski slope and road route for the center, told reporters that the infrastructure works related to the center were continuing.

Indicating that approximately 800 hectares of land in the region was declared as a winter sports and tourism center with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 2009, Yavuz said, “Below it is the Süleymaniye Neighborhood, which will be the center of tourism in our Gümüşhane. "The distance has been covered in order to activate all the infrastructures related to these areas as soon as possible."

Explaining that the region, which is predominantly a treasury land, is at the stage of completion of the transfer to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Yavuz said, “In order to establish a facility here, an electric line is required first. Necessary requests were made to Çoruh EDAŞ, our negotiations continue. In 2016, road works will be carried out in a way to provide transportation for 4 seasons, ”he said.

Emphasizing that the snow quality in the region and the duration of the snow are also very good, Yavuz said, “The upper part of the region where the center will be built is suitable for beginners. The lower part, with its 3 kilometers length, has the opportunity for professional skiers to ski very efficiently. ”

Yavuz, Turkey also expressed their support to the Ski Federation.

- “Master team will make the master plan”

The master plan for the center will be prepared by expressing Yavuz, said:

“We will make this plan available to the expert team with world-class accreditation. Intensive work on this continues. Our works and initiatives with ministries continue at the point of obtaining resources. If we have the master plan done by experts and organizations, mechanical facilities, accommodation and all other facilities should be implemented as soon as possible. We reached consensus on this matter. ”

Governor Yavuz said that their efforts to benefit from the ski competitions to be held in Erzurum in 2017 are also continuing.

Yavuz, pointing out that the city will host tourists during the year if it is integrated with Süleymaniye Quarter, thus adding that the province will develop in the economic sense in a short time and reach the place it deserves.

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