Traffic accidents in the silver house were placed on the table

Gumushane traffic accidents were discussed on the table: Gumushane recently increased traffic accidents in order to evaluate and discuss ways to solve, Gumushane Governor Yucel Yavuz'un Road Traffic Safety Meeting was held.
Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Erdal Eren, Deputy Governor Ismail Ozkan, Provincial Police Chief Orhan Kar, Gendarmerie and Police officials and Highways 101. Branch Chief officials attended.
At the meeting, firstly, by Gümüshane Regional Traffic Branch Manager Seçkin Çiçek, on the activities carried out in 2014 and 2015, the types of vehicles involved in accidents, the time of occurrence of accidents, the locations of the accidents and the radar studies carried out in order to minimize the loss of lives caused by traffic accidents a presentation containing statistical information was made.
Governor Yavuz made an assessment at the end of the meeting, almost all of the accidents occurred, excessive speed, non-compliance with traffic rules, alcoholic vehicle use, not enough follow-up distance, tired, sleepless and careless driving stating that the reasons such as stating, this week will be held Road Safety and Traffic Week within the framework of its activities, stressed the necessity of carrying out comprehensive training activities in order to raise public awareness on traffic.
Gendarmerie, especially in recent years about the increasing traffic accidents, Police and Highways officials who want to prepare a comprehensive report Governor Yavuz, traffic teams also gave instructions to increase inspections.
The meeting then exchanged ideas on the measures to be taken and the regulations to be made on the highways.



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