Bozdag, the ski championship was aspired

Bozdağ has aspired to the ski championship: The work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bozdağ, which is a candidate to become the most important tourism center after Pamukkale, continues uninterruptedly. In the facility, the works of the runway expansion and accommodation facilities have been completed by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs. Hakan Keysan, President of Nikfer Skiing, Nature Tourism and Youth Sports Association Club (NIKADOS), who made examinations at the ski center, said that they applied for the ski championship in Bozdağ this season. Expressing that they are excited that Bozdağ Ski Center will be officially opened this year, Keysan said, “Efforts to complete the infrastructure of Bozdağ Ski resort's tracks continue. We have important responsibilities to make our facilities that we will officially ski this winter to be really functional. "We will make a lot of effort to be the promoter of this work carried out by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to catch up with the winter, on the basis of clubmanship," he said.

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