Train slammed into a car at a level crossing

In the sea, the train hit the car at the level crossing: In Denizli, when the driver of the car realized the level crossing was late, he hit the passenger train that made the Söke-Denizli expedition.

According to the information received, the accident occurred on the 19.30th Street of Sümer Mahallesi at around 25. The 34 KA 45 plate car, under the direction of Hüseyin Uruk, who is 3270 years old, going from the Second Industrial Site towards Bakırlı intersection, crashed into closed barriers and entered the level crossing. The passenger who made the Söke-Denizli expedition hit the train. Hüseyin Uruk, the driver of the vehicle, who was hit by the train, was injured while the vehicle became unusable.

Günceleme: 01/01/2020 10:00

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