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If legislation is introduced in the logistics sector, the sector will press the gas: Kadir Has University, International Transporters Association (UND) Special Load Working Group and Crane Operators Association (Crane-Der) prepared by the joint work of the D Heavy and Bulal Cargo Transportation Draft Legislation g Transportation, Shipping and Communications Ministry of Health.

Prof. Dr. Kadir Has University, Faculty of Applied Sciences Vice Dean Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ömer Faruk Görçün, ılığı The heavy freight transportation sector has a lot of problems. Their solution is based on very simple changes. We, as sector stakeholders, have prepared the new draft regulation in a comprehensive and comprehensible and comprehensive manner. Work on the draft ministry is in progress. Tas


Heavy haulage and crane operational processes compared to successful examples at the international level in Turkey noted that faced with some problems Gorce said, "When the heavy haulage and crane operations stakeholders are considered particularly transportation infrastructure, large construction activities, power plants as promised major infrastructure investments undertaken by businesses and organizations It is seen that the sector is important stakeholders. The fact that the sector is exposed to certain limitations within the framework of legal regulations prevents the production of value-added which should be, as well as the activities of the stakeholders, also adversely affects the economy of the country. Sektör Saying that this is a problem that can be easily removed, Görçün said, sahip For example, this sector is subject to traffic regulations in such a way that it cannot respond to its size. Clearly, the industry cannot be governed by such a traffic law. In addition, our sector has a very urgent need, such as defining a certain order and system, controlling and recording the entry and exit of the sector, arranging the special permits and their durations, as well as the multi-tasking in the units related to our sector in public institutions. University members and sector representatives agree that one of the limitations on the sector is the use of road restrictions. In this context, the elimination of the problem can be solved very easily by the adoption of the practices in the EU legal regulations. As a result, the drafting of a legal regulation to meet all the requirements and the immediate realization of the scientific and field studies related to this issue is an accepted issue in cooperation of the university and sector representatives. The studies to be carried out within this scope will be established within the framework of the scientific research project, but also a public draft, the speed of capacity and activities of the sector, and a legal regulation on the social and economic benefits have been created.


Görçün underlined that the draft draft of the regulation was prepared on the basis of scientific research and studies with its annexes, and that the draft was an inclusive and explanatory quality at the international level. Together with UND and Crane-Der, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was presented to the relevant departments. The Ministry also started work on the subject. We are working together to explain the necessary details. intensive efforts are spent in the ministry for heavy freight transport sector, especially the entry into force of this regulation, which we think is very much in need of all of Turkey's economy. I believe we can get the results in a short time. Because if our sector exceeds the limitations that can be overcome so easily, it creates added value over the economy for the economy. Zira

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